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13 Fun Facts About Milan

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Milan is a beautiful city situated in Italy and attracts a great majority of tourists every year. There are a number of entrancing locations in the city which make it the first preference of people travelling to the country; Italy. It is the favourite holiday destination for numerous individuals and yet very few people are actually aware of these below mentioned fun facts about the city.

13 Fun Facts About Milan

  1. According to some Archaeologists, Milan was founded by the Celts in the 600 BC. The name was given by the Romans was Mediolanum which translated to Mediterranean in English.
  2. Milan is the second largest city italian city ever. Also, this place is known to be the economic capital of the country.
  3. Italy is known for skyscrapers and the maximum number of skyscrapers in the entire country are known to be in Milan. Also, the first skyscraper ever built in Italy is situated in Milan.
  4. The first ever stone for the Milan Cathedral was laid in the year 1386 and the construction of this much famous cathedral lasted 500 years.
  5. The central square situated in Milan in covered entirely with pigeons, and despite the fact that the place is covered inch by inch with the pigeons, the statue of King Vittorio remains perfectly clean. The trick behind the same is the current that flows through the entire monument deterring the birds present there.
  6. The city was declared to be the capital of the kingdom by Napoleon who was crowned as the king of the area.
  7. Plague spread as an epidemic in the XIV century in European cities and Milan is one of those very few cities that were not affected by them.
  8. All the precious work by Leonardo da vinci have been stored in a safe manner in the National museum of Science and technology in Milan.
  9. In the entire west Europe, the most developed tram network is the one in Milan.
  10. Milan has two of the strongest Italian football teams in the world, including Milan and clubs Inter. Both of these teams play at the Siro stadium which is the largest stadium in Italy.
  11. The largest and most famous of all the opera houses in the Europe is boasted off by Milan. Teatro alla scala has over 2000 spectators and the theatre is often recognized as one of the largest ballet and opera theatres in the world.
  12. Milan cathedral is the fifth largest cathedral in the world.
  13. According to the locals everyday the time from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. is considered to be the aperitivo in Milan. During this time all the bars and the cafes offer free food for everyone to enjoy upon buying a drink. This is generally the time for snacks and discussion with the friends.

Milan is an absolutely amazing city to be in and is also one of the most visited cities of Italy. Apart from the above mentioned fun facts there are a number of worth visiting places in the city and for reaching each of this place, you can rely on the Milan airport taxi transfers. These milan airport taxi transfers pick tourists from the airports and drop them at different locations.

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