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12 Laptop Accessories You Can’t Do Without

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We depend on our laptops for all our day-to-day activities. The use of a laptop is no longer restricted only to our offices. We use our laptops in homes for multifarious purposes—from studying and learning online, shopping online, banking online, ordering food online, booking plane, train and bus tickets online and booking cabs for ourselves to even buying groceries online. In addition to this, laptops are used in banks, hotels, hospitals, schools, colleges for, both, educational and administrative purposes. Needless to say, because of their increased portability in comparison with standard desktop computers, laptops are also used by us on the go—whether we are in a cab, on a train, on a plane or in the metro.

Considering the number of things we rely on our laptops for, we must make sure that we increase our working efficiencies—no matter what task we are involved in and are using our laptops for—in order to get the most out of our laptops. Using laptop accessories will make sure our laptop experience is incomparably better. Also, it is very important that we maintain our laptops properly. A few laptop accessories can even increase the overall lifespans of laptops. Having a laptop accessories kit with all the right accessories in it, at all times, can definitely help us in more ways than one.  We may even customize our accessory kits to include the must have laptop accessories that are most befitting for the purpose we are using our laptops for.

12 Laptop Accessories You Can’t Do Without

Buying online, that too using laptops or smart phones, has become a fad these days; buying all the top laptop accessories online at the best prices can further be added to the never-ending list of applications people use laptops for. Given below is a list of a few laptop accessories that cannot be snubbed by any user. Read on to know more:

  1. Laptop Bag

A laptop makes for a great portable computer. Nevertheless, the portability can only be enjoyed as long as there is a bag to contain the laptop in. It is, if not next to impossible, very arduous and cumbersome to carry a laptop around from one place to another in hand. Moreover, the laptop can get exposed to dust and become very vulnerable to slipping out of grip and falling on the ground, getting damaged in the process.

  1. Laptop Cooling Table

A laptop cooling table is used to prevent the laptop from heating up excessively. Use of the cooling table also helps increase the overall life of the laptop battery. Another advantage to using a laptop cooling table is that the users too do not suffer from any heat-related discomfort associated with the laptop—especially while working in bed, when the laptop is kept either on a cushion or in the laps of the users.

  1. Wireless mouse/ USB mouse

Working long hours on the laptops, especially in offices, can get really stressful. Using a USB mouse which can easily be plugged into one of the USB ports of the laptop can improve the work experience by aplenty! A wireless mouse can also be used in case a user already has way too many accessories plugged into all the USB ports of the laptop.

  1. Wireless Keyborad/USB keyboard

There is nothing like typing using an ergonomic USB keyboard. The keys sprawl a greater area on a much wider keyboard, making typing really friendly—especially in jobs that require extensive use of the keyboard.  Similarly, a wireless keyboard can offer all the advantages of a USB keyboard in addition to serving the advantage of ridding all users of having to deal with difficult-to-handle wires.

  1. Headphones

A headphone can help a user drift into a different world even in the midst of a thousand people. Whether it is listening to music, listening to educational tutorials, voice chatting over the internet, playing a game or watching a movie, a headphone can help you enjoy them all without having to bother people in the vicinity.

  1. Speakers

Plugging in speakers to laptops can help everyone enjoy a louder and more audible sound when delivering a presentation to a larger group of people, playing music or watching a movie.

  1. Pen Drive

A pen drive is a small memory-equipped device that helps users backup their important data. Many a times, entire operating systems need to be re-installed altogether. This leads to loss of critical data. Having all the pictures, word documents, videos and digital reports backed up can spare users the horror of having to lose it all in a flash.

  1. Screen Cleaning Kit

A screen cleaning kit is essential for any laptop user. The screen of a laptop is very prone to catching dust. This may not be a hindrance to a user’s viewing experience—until the dust deposit is way too much—but can definitely seep through all the openings of the laptop, clogging and damaging its internal circuitry as a result.

  1. Hard drive

An external hard drive is a boon to all laptop users. Huge chunks of data can be saved and backed up on the hard drive. It is also a great way to exchange music, movies and informational folders. A hard drive is very similar to a pen drive in its functioning and has a much greater storage capacity; however, the hard drive may not fit into a user’s pocket unlike the pen drive.

  1. Laptop Charger

A spare laptop charger can always help in case the original one stops working. A laptop, after all, is rendered absolutely useless if its battery is discharged.  Many people even make use of power banks for charging their laptops.

  1. Screen guard

No matter how careful one is in handling a laptop, after a point in time, recklessness is bound to creep in. Laptop screens are very prone to getting damaged even from the minutest of scratches. Using a screen guard can ensure a better overall health of laptop screens.

  1. Body Sticker

Many a people prefer to jazz up their laptops. Laptop body stickers are a great way to give laptops and edgy look and a break from the mundane dull-coloured screens. Body stickers come in a melange of designs—from superhero themed body stickers to body stickers in different patterns.

The twelve laptop accessories mentioned above are bound to change any user’s laptop experience for better. Try brands such as Ranz, Portronics, Lenovo, Western Digital, Lacie, Logitech and Microsoft to name a few. The electronics manufactured by these brands are reliable and known to last long.

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