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10 Waste Disposal and Waste Management Business Opportunities

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There are many business ventures in the world that are waiting for you to use them and make some money off of it. But unfortunately, some of them are not as pleasant as you would want them to be. Some people would regard these types of business opportunities as being icky and unpleasant to do while other people feel that these so called “dirty jobs” are not for anyone.


But the numbers and examples say otherwise as there is considerable wealth awaiting a person who would try investing or managing a company like that. Businesses like mortuaries will certainly never run out of business, but there are not many people willing to try it. The same is with the waste and rubbish management. Despite the fact that this is a job which is hard to do and not very pleasant to perform, taking care of other people’s garbage also guarantees you a great business investment.

People will always produce waste and they will always need somebody to take care of it, so if you are willing to do it and you have a strong stomach for it, here are some of the 10 best ways to start your business and making it big in this field.

1.Hazardous and toxic waste disposal

Hazardous waste is in plain words dangerous material that can pose great damage to the health of people and the environment. They come in various forms, both liquid and solid and are not easy to dispose particularly by ordinary people.

Ordinary garbage disposal companies do not handle this kind of waste as they are not licensed to, so people sometimes have trouble in finding appropriate ways in dealing with their toxic waste removals. Starting this kind of business could be quite a lucrative move on your part.

You will need to familiarize yourself with the method and procedures in dealing with the is kind of waste, but when you do then it is all about earning and providing a special kind of service to the people that will result in the expansion of your company without a doubt.

2.Medical waste disposal

Medical waste can include various types of waste that is tossed out from a hospital. It can included various kinds of disposable tools, like needles, syringes and used gloves. There are also dirty clothes and stained mattresses and various other pieces of clothing damped with all kinds of materials.

Here is also included the biomedical waste which is accumulated from animal or human testing or from some researching and development issues that are done. Either way the need for this is high and there is a lot one can do here and occupy the market whit this kind of firm. But bear in mind that it also includes the disposing of corpses and hauling off bodies of people who have passed away and have not been claimed.

3.Electronic waste


Electronic waste of course includes all kinds of appliances that use electricity that you have around the house. Otherwise known as e-waste, it is not that difficult to dispose of needs to be done in a proper way.

As some waste disposal companies are able to deal with this kind of waste some do not have the required license or the necessary means to do it. If you concentrate on only disposing of this type of rubbish you will be able to get a big piece of the profit form the rubbish disposal industry.

And there is a multitude of appliances that people need to take care of. Starting from the small appliances in your homes that have passed its due, to stereo systems and computers and all the way up to some larger ones like refrigerators.

4.Green waste

Of course green waste is also a part of the possibilities that one can do on our list. This of course includes material that are hauled away from your garden like leaves and parts of trees and bushes.

These are decomposable materials so they are quite easy to dispose of as they will not damage the environment like some of the types of waste that are given on this list. But there is a great perk with the green waste as it can be recycled and reused as nutrition for other plants or like compost. There are big profits available in this kind of field but one simply needs to tap into it.

5.Retailing of waste disposal equipment and tools

There is a way for you to be part of the waste disposal industry without in fact touching or dealing with the actual waste. We agree and do not hide it that this is a dirty kind of a business and not everyone is able to do it nor achieve in it, so there is a cleaner side to it one that should give you all the perks of being a part of this business but not getting your hands dirty that much.

The people who dispose the rubbish need tools for their type of work and of course the result of that is that retailers and people who sell these sort of tools are needed as well. This is actually a very important job for this industry as the disposal agencies and companies will certainly need these sort of tools and will certainly be your faithful customers. Some of the equipment you might be dealing with or selling includes trash cans, dust bins, gloves and rubber boots, pipes, nylon bags, hoses, trucks, incinerators even and much more.

6.Construction waste


Construction waste is another way to you can go and manage your waste disposal business. This is also a very useful way of getting a piece of the action that the waste industry can cause. But it may be a little bit harder to do and to clear off it is certainly very lucrative.

These type of garbage are produced by various construction companies and include many different types of materials. From nails to old pallets and even insulation and electronic wiring. But despite the fact that this is a very versatile kind of job it is more than good to have one. But bear in mind that some dangerous materials are also included as well here, one of them being lead.

7.Nuclear waste disposal

Nuclear waste or actually radioactive waste. This kind of waste is perhaps the most dangerous ones and the one that is the most difficult to dispose of. The traditional way of doing it is sealing the waste into barrels and containers and finding and places deep in the ground where one can bury it and keep it there for at least 10.000 years.

Of course this comes with hopes that it will not leak during this period. But for this kind of waste disposal a stable geological foundation is necessary in order to store the materials.

8.Household waste

The type of rubbish that is daily accumulated at people’s homes can be safely stored and disposed of by hiring a professional company to do so.

This is another fine way to step inside this business and get a wonderful idea. Improper disposal of the household waste is a problem not for the people but for the environment as well. It does not only cause effort for the people to do it but also can damage the environment if not done properly. A good advice comes from London Waste Clearance – “treat it as your own waste”.

This is where you can come in as a professional household disposal agent and in fact a professional rubbish disposal cleaner who deals with these kinds of problems at an affordable price and in an effective way.

9.Chemical waste


Chemicals waste is produced at laboratories or large chemical plants. It includes various harmful chemicals that cannot be merely dumped anywhere as they require a special kind of method to be hauled and disposed of.

These kinds of waste are immediately sealed at the plants where they are produced and are stored inside containers and only waiting for shipment. Special contractors need to be hired who can dispose of these chemicals and it is done by meeting safety, legislator and health standards.

10.Industrial waste

The final part of the rubbish disposal industry where you can tap your resources and make it count is the industrial waste disposal. This type of waste is made during manufacturing or mining and can occur within the works of construction and metallurgical industries. The down side of this type of waste is that it cannot be consumed in any way or recycled, so it is hard to dispose of. But there are methods and ways of dealing with this as well. And one should need to prepare and study the given methods in order to provide efficient and appropriate services.

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