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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know Used Ball Bearings But Do

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9. Fishing reels – The measure of a good fishing reel is the ability to cast farther and faster than one’s competition.  Ball bearings allow this to happen.  Inside the fishing reel, ball bearings provide a smooth casts and an easy retrieval of the lure and, hopefully, a fish.  More expensive reels have a more intricate ball bearing system that creates a smooth action and precise casting ability due to the ball bearings inside the reel.

10. Guitars – Used in tuning keys and whammy bars, ball bearings are found in guitars anywhere that smooth turning and precision is required.  Ball bearings allow guitarists to more accurately tune their guitars and bend strings without snapping them.

Ball bearings are found in at least ten times more items that just these.  Whether in old technology such as rotary telephones or new technology such as computers and cell phones, ball bearings make thinks we use move smoothly, safely, and precisely.

Steve Long an nsk bearings consultant believes NSHK provide quality products for a variety of applications. Recently he has worked with Statewide Bearings to improve consumer awareness of using sustainable products.

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