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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know Used Ball Bearings But Do

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3. Nunchakus —   Yes, the martial arts tool.  Nunchakus use ball bearings.  Inside each end where the chain or cord attaches, there are a set of ball bearings that help the nunchakus to move more smoothly and quickly.  Additionally, by smoothing the movement of the nunchakus, there is less wear on the chain making you set last longer than ones without ball bearings.

4. Windmills – From little tiny, garden style windmills to huge wind farm windmills, ball bearings play a key part in helping the blades to turn smoothly and effortlessly, even at lower wind speeds.  As many countries are starting to see the benefits of using wind to power electrical plants, ball bearings will always have a place in this energy source.

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