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10 Things to Keep in Mind for Creating an Apt WordPress Plugin

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WordPress – It all began as a mere blogging tool that went on to gain accolades for being one of the most prominent content management systems. With its escalating popularity, the world is looking forward to hire the best WordPress developer who could scale the credibility of the WordPress powered website through its simplicity, vibrancy and functionalities. Its plugins too have gained the much-acclaimed fame with the passage of time.

10 Things to Keep in Mind for Creating an Apt WordPress Plugin

Plugins have always been a one stop solution to ace up the functionalities of a website without having to go through the entire process of coding. A plugin is the spice that helps to bring out the flavor of the dish without having to recook the entire dish from the scratch. A WordPress plugin too helps in imparting the right amount of functionalities and usage to the website. Let me take you through some of the advantages that a WordPress plugin brings about.

The advantages of a WordPress Plugins

With WordPress taking the technical world by storm, we have the WordPress plugins that is adding to the popularity of WordPress. Read on to find out about the perks of using them.

1. Saves time

It saves your time as you do not have to go through the entire process for bringing about a change in the website. All you need to do is incorporate the plugin into a WordPress powered website and you have some really useful facilities acing up your website’s performance.

2. A sense of control

You need not wait for the web developer or the designers to bring in any update to your website. Just make use of the plugin and you are all set for expanding the worth of your website.

3. Adds to the functionality

A WordPress plugin helps to add to the functionalities of your website with much ease and tranquility. Just skim through the various plugins that you are looking for and select the most appropriate plugin to boost up your website.

4. Can easily scale your website

Adding a plugin to your website would eventually ace up the usability quotient of your website. Moreover, it would also help to bring about a change in the overall performance of the website.

Things to consider while developing a WordPress plugin

WordPress stands firmly on the pillars that are erected by the generous contributors of the WordPress community. If you are looking forward to make a really good contribution with the right plugin, consider the following points and get yourself the right guidance.

1. Before you start developing your plugin create a strategy and then move ahead. This will help you to channelize your efforts wisely and would also help you to arrive at your destination smoothly. Will this plugin be useful? Does this plugin resemble some other plugin? And many such questions should be considered before you start the process.

2. Try to maintain a level of consistency in your workflow as this will help you in enlightening your path. Let there be consistency in spacing, indenting, informative variable naming and many such attributes that define the authenticity of a plugin.

3. When it comes to security there should be no place for compromise or negligence. Always aim to create plugins that are properly defended by all the black hatters that are filled in the world of web.

4. Take care of the content that is being put into effect. It should be free from all kinds of unscrupulous material that might offend the users.

5. Be careful while using external links. Links like ““Powered By” or “Sponsored by” should be avoided as far as possible. Do not embed or include them, if the need arises you can very well add the link to the description section of the readme.txt.

6. When it comes to updates, always ensure that you do not make tall promises or commitments that will end you in jeopardy. Also, do not keep on updating the plugin more frequently otherwise the users might think they are being tricked.

7. While submitting the WordPress plugin, ensure that you provide the entire Plugin so that the editor gets an exact idea about your work. This will prove to be beneficial to both – the editor as well as the developer.

8. Be careful while using third party codes. There is no harm in using these code, but you need to be very careful and precise before you put them to use.

9. Last but not the least never forget to get your plugins authorized by readme.txt before you make your submissions.

10. Once your WordPress plugin gets validated take measures to get it commit the code through SVN. As WordPress does not reserve the right to save plugin names for using it at a later stage one needs to make it quick to get the names registered as soon as possible which would save you from automatic rejection.

Final Note

WordPress plugins are indeed a boon to all those who love saving time, energy and efforts and yet wish that they get to update the functionalities of their WordPress powered website. All those who would be contributing to the WordPress is indeed a blessing in disguise. But before you dole out your developments on the online platform always try to remain within the predefined frameworks and functions so that you do not falter at a crucial stage. The WordPress development has managed to create a whole lot of opportunities in the world of technology with its enigmatic features and the tech geeks can just not stop falling in love with it. This has intensified the need to hire the best WordPress developer across the world so as to stay ahead of the race.

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