Withdrawal Symptoms Of Drugs Acting On CNS

The central nervous system CNS in the body directs the functions and work of all tissues of the body. When there are chemical influence on this central nervous system there is a great change in the activity and function of this system. Stimulants like caffeine, cocaine and various other drugs are used to enhance metal alertness and fatigue. These drugs on regular usage make the body addicted and design the body to work with it regularly. If you withdraw these drugs you will find symptoms associated with irritability, nervousness and headache. Addictions take places on regular usage of the drugs and so the withdrawal should also take place in a pattern so that it does not affect the body. Withdrawal symptoms of drugs acting on CNS are of various forms like mental confusion, agitation, body aches and pains and heart palpitations and many more.

Antidepressant withdrawal symptoms are very heavy and cause great pain

The symptoms that are faced during withdrawal of antidepressant are very hard and problematic. This has to be done only under doctor’s advice and guidelines, because the symptoms are very dangerous sometimes and will lead to loss of lives. Drugs like xanax that are associated to the class of benzodiazepine class are used to treat anxiety disorders. They are used on short terms just for treatment because they cause addiction. You will find the effect just in 25 minutes of consumption but will provide relief for many hours. Sometimes individuals get addicted to this and if they even reduce the dose on some movements they tend to get xanax withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes, xanax is life threatening and has to be done only on the guidelines of a doctor. They may have symptoms like depression, intense sweating, and sleeping troubles and also suicidal taught.

Withdrawal symptoms in case of nicotine deficiency

Quitting smoking may seem to be very simple to say, but the nicotine withdrawal symptoms are very heavy on the person. He will undergo various forms of pains like headache, nausea and also a great craving for tobacco. The symptoms are very unpleasant and very stressful sometimes. Before quitting smoking they should make themselves aware of the nicotine withdrawal symptoms so that they can manage themselves accordingly. They should not feel shy to explain others when they are facing these symptoms. They can face problems like anger and mood swings, restlessness, weight gain, tightness in the chest. Body will not oblige with them and they have to face even issues like constipation and gas. Depression is the first thing that will affect the person in this process. They have to divert themselves with various activities to keep themselves safe. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms sometimes will make them so depressed that they will go for suicide. So when a person is under nicotine withdrawal process they should be accompanied by someone who cares for them so that they can track them and care for them. Physical and mental treatments are both needed in handling the nicotine withdrawal symptoms.