Window Replacement or Window Repair: Which One Is The Right Choice For You

Window Replacement or Window Repair: Which One Is The Right Choice For You

Whether go for window repairs or window replacement? It is a legitimate question that is quite a common one too for a lot of homeowners. The answer to this question can only be given after understanding the reason behind the task. This will help you lay out the necessary steps and then determine the cost of replacement versus repair.

1. Energy Efficient Windows

Weather stripping and cauking can certainly reduce air risks but it’s just a temporary method. A window replacement method is a lot more than just fixing drafts. It consists of features that keep out the harmful rays and protect your carpets, window coverings and furniture from getting damaged by UV rays. This results in increased insulation, thus creating a comfortable room temperature.

When looking for a replacement, make sure you research for Window Energy Rating to reduce your utility bills. Also, look for condensation resistance feature too, as condensation promotes wood damage, mold and ruins the looks of the window.

2. Leaky Window

A number of reasons lead to leaky windows such as bad window flashings, poor construction, broken seals, improper installation etc. When it comes to window repair in relation with glaze, equipments and old caul, you will save money if it’s an isolated crack or gap. But, if you find the leak to be not so obvious, you have a bigger problem on your hands. Leaky windows can easily lead to mold growth, wood rot and drywall damage.

3. Wood Rotten Window

Windows constantly face elements such as heat, excessive humidity, snow and moisture that promotes the growth of wood rot. This regular dampness causes the wood to decay and chip. It not only weakens the strength of wood but also destroys its looks. In case there are any fungal spores, call an expert as it further accelerates the rotting. If you leave it untreated, it can spread throughout your home and cause some serious health issues.

Along with all these issues, there is a risk of termites too, that can cause some serious damage while being invisible. These insects increase the need for window replacement. An experienced window replacement company will help you evaluate damage and the risk of infestation. If the condition is extensive, the perfect option would be window replacement.

4. Security Issues

There are also security risks associated with windows due to stubborn hardware such as not getting open or close. Here, broken locks can be fixed and hardware lubricated and grime built up can be wiped with a moist cloth. So, repair is your answer if you can get the hardware parts easily either from online or hardware store.

However, it’s not only about functionality but also the beauty and a window is viewed from both inside and outside. In terms of security, privacy is an important factor and tinted options offer you heightened privacy. Your best bet here is vinyl window replacement that offers you versatility and looks in terms of different styles and colors.


No doubt,home window repair is best in terms of cost along with being less intrusive. But it may not be cost efficient in the long run. Then window replacement would be the best answer. So, know the reason of the problem and then choose the option accordingly.