Why You Should Add Polyaspartic Coating On Your Garage Floor

If you are building a new garage or getting ready to renovate an existing one, the type of flooring you put down will be very important. In years past, most people opted for epoxy flooring in a garage. However, a newer product known as polyaspartic coating has made quite a name for itself in recent years. If you are wondering why you should select polyaspartic coating for your garage floor, here are some top reasons.

Very Durable

Since your garage floor will be subject to much wear and tear, it will need to be extremely stable. When you apply polyaspartic coating to it, you’ll have plenty of durability. Though it dries hard, it still maintains quite a degree of flexibility. As a result, it will have a finish that is scratch and stain-resistant.

Numerous Styles

Just as it is with epoxy floors, polyaspartic coating will allow you to choose from many styles for your garage floor. By selecting from a wide range of color schemes and chip additives, you can create a look that will have your garage floor standing out for its uniqueness.

Dries Very Quickly

If there is one major advantage a garage floor with polyaspartic coating has over those garages with epoxy floors, then the difference in drying times when each of these is applied. When a garage has an epoxy floor, it can take perhaps 16 hours or even longer for it to dry. However, polyaspartic coating can be applied and will dry in as little as 30 minutes, with most garage floors taking no more than one hour to be completely dry.

No Fading or Yellowing

In many garages where epoxy has been used on the floor, you will begin to notice areas that have faded or turned yellow as the years have gone by. However, polyaspartic coating is resistant to fading and yellowing, even when it is continually exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Thus, your investment in polyaspartic coating will keep your garage looking new for many years.

Better Air Quality

Finally, as it is being applied and once it dries, polyaspartic coating offers better air quality than epoxy flooring, since it has a low VOC and little if any odor from off-gassing. Many people don’t usually pay attention to this, but it’s definitely a benefit.

In conclusion, though it may cost more than epoxy flooring, investing in polyaspartic coating for your garage floor will ensure you not only have a garage floor that is durable and will look good for many years, but also will let you create a unique look that will be easy to maintain.