Why Should You Choose Acrylic Paint Markers?

Acrylic paint markers

Few years back, acrylic paints were used to paint the house. With an increasing demand and benefits, now a day’s acrylic markers are introduced. This is one type of paint which is manufactured from the pigment which is suspended in any acrylic polymer emulsion. Though it is a mixture of two substances they cannot actually blend together. As they were only oil compatible in the beginning these were not that easily made available.

Reasons for using Acrylic Paints Over Water Colors

These acrylic markers are widely available. These markers are used as paint markers. These have mainly become the favorite form of paint for a lot of artists these days because of their extreme ability to dry up quickly. In comparison to that of the oil paints these kinds of paints will never take a few weeks to dry. This is the best advantages which you can expect from such acrylic paints always.

If you want to use these paints then you can also dilute these paints with water. The desired result of painting with acrylic paint markers is similar to that of water colors or oil painting. The benefit of using acrylic paint over water colors is that they just dried up fast. This acrylic paint gives the good shades. These colors give a little darker shade. But the shades fade automatically when the painting is kept for the long time. The children are fond of doing painting with acrylic paints as it gives them new experience. When the canvas dries up you can be assured of a perfect color and not a shade lighter like that of watercolors. These are not unpredictable like that of other colors. The same will be well understood by the artists who use these colors on regular basis. Though these paints can be used after diluting them in water the best part is that they become water resistant once they dry up. This is the best part because the final piece can thus be well protected and also preserved for longer years.

Use of Acrylic Paint Markers

Now a day’s artist only use acrylic paints as an alternative to oil paints for painting the canvas. These paints dry up in less than an hour than the water colors or oil paints. The time taken by the paint to dry up depends on the amount of paint applied and the thickness followed. It sometimes also depends on the brand of paints and markers selected. If you want to lengthen the amount of time it takes to dry up then you can mix it with some extenders or retarders before application.

Where to get such Markers?

You can get these products only from the larger well known companies who stock all types of acrylic paint markers and such other mixtures. There are too many different art companies too who can help you out with these mixtures which you are looking out for. One can also buy them online from a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer. Acrylic paint markers are said to be more permanent than other type of paints. The best part of these paints is that they do not have a tendency to turn yellow while aging. They also do not fade off when they age or oxidize. They will not even crack or change or crack even when they are kept for long years.

Thus when you want to get the best for yourself then choosing the right acrylic paint markers is the best idea.