Why Is It Better To Go With A Web Development Agency Than Developing It Yourself?

Congratulations on making your winning decision to create a website. If this is the case, you may be probably thinking now of various methods to develop a website and may have also heard a lot about professional web development and DIY web development platforms. This is a confusing decision to make for many who are new to it.

You may feel it is much easier at the beginning to do web development by your own, but it may not be so when it progresses to the next level. Also with the need for your time and focus fully dedicated into it, it is always better to hire an expert and reliable web development agency to create your business website. Let’s further explore why.

It’s a Crucial Decision to Make

If you’re a small business and tech savvy creator yourself, you can consider doing it yourself at the DIY web route. No doubt you can accomplish it well with the help of the easy-to-use CMS development platforms if you are knowledgeable about web development, but otherwise it may be a disaster.

We get hundreds of e-mails for support from many such DIY business owners going astray at the midst of a project and identify web development is a bit more challenging than what they have originally thought. Website is not all about just a logo, a template, color scheme, and text. Just check how much you know about these aspects of making a website ‘correctly’;

  • Project kick-off

  • Requirement analysis.

  • Collection of deliverables

  • Research and planning

  • Custom theme design

  • Website building

  • Add-on functionality

  • Search engine optimization.

With a professional web development agency, all these steps are systematically accomplished with the help of experts in each area. It will be fine if you create a blog or a basic site to do it yourself in a couple of days featuring the basics. However, a professional website like an e-commerce portal or a client service site with advanced features and SEO incorporation will take about 6-8 weeks to complete.

Why it is Better to Hire a Professional?

If you are a novice to web development, a professional web developer can guide you through the process. They can take care of even the minute aspects as;

  • Why a ‘dancing gif’ will be inappropriate at the home page?

  • What is the significance of white space at your service listing page?

  • Which elements will distract the user experience?

  • Why Google doesn’t value a flash site?

  • What contributes towards better SEO? etc.

There are many other essentials too as a web developer’s best practices, which a professional need to included in your web project to deliver the best. Remember that you may feel unhappy with a professional provider at many points when they say “the content you gave doesn’t make any sense to a normal visitor” or “the images given wont match to the text” etc. But, at the end of the project, you will surely love them as what you have in hand a website that is unique and attractive to both users and search engines.