Why Are Scleral Lenses A Better Option Than Contact Lenses?

Due to high-risk of serious infection and the cases of failure, corneal transplant imposes a crucial risk on the health of the patient. Contrary to the practices of corneal transplant, scleral lenses is free from all long-term risks. You don’t have to worry about the rupturing of the wound during any trauma, nor would you lack any vision after a year or so. With a higher level of precision maintained, getting scleral lenses is the most effective solution for eye problems. Even when you go for a corneal transplant, most of the time it is likely that you will have to use some or the other kind of lens to acquire the expected vision accuracy.

What are Scleral Lenses?

With a larger aperture than the traditional contact lenses, scleral lenses are made of specific materials that support oxygen permeability to keep the eyes in regular contact with oxygen-rich air. Another difference is that unlike the regular lenses, scleral lenses do not directly touch the eye, rather they serve as a vault on it. A medically sterilized saline is used to fill the gap between the surface of the lens and the eye to cut down any discontinuity in the vision. Also, you get to have the lens fitting the white part of the eye so as to elevate the comfort level and better the vision standards of the user.

In general, the scleral lenses are used in the following cases of optical disruptions:

  • Keratoconus
  • Conditions that pose risk to the cornea
  • Chronic dry eye
  • Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
  • Post-treatment complications such as after laser treatment or after LASIK

Built intelligently to care for all such medical conditions, scleral lenses are adaptive to all types of eye shapes and will rectify all sorts of vision loss. In case the eyes are damaged or undergoing some form of long-term treatment, this lens help in regaining the natural and vital state of optimal health in due time.

Common questions asked about scleral lenses:

  • How long will it last?

Though this varies from patient to patient, scleral lenses show good durability, on an average of three years. While many patients have expressed that the lens lasted even longer, the careful and proper cleaning can help the lens remain in the most useful state for a long duration of time.

  • Is using this lens difficult?

Not at all. In the proper guidance, wearing this lens will be a child play for you. Consult your optical instructor or doctor to know the manual. A doctor will be able to make you understand how to insert the lenses using a specially designed style applicator, how to remove the lens and a lot more about taking care of your eyes and lenses.

  • My eyes are not comfortable with contact lenses. Should I try scleral lenses?

Yes, this is a common problem. Many patients consult me about an alternative to contact lenses. But you need not worry at all. Just look for the appropriate scleral lens that fits your eyes and you will have no complaints whatsoever. Since they do not touch the cornea directly and do not slide, you get the perfect grip required for such a delicate optical instrument.

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