Who Is The Best| An Open Fire Vs. A Wood Burning Stoves In London

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Using wood burning stoves in London is a much cleaner and efficient method of heating your home than an open fire. Let’s take a look why.

Wood burning stoves lose a fraction of the heat that an open fires do. As a sealed unit the wood burns hotter and stays where it should. Open fires lose a lot of heat up the chimney or flue. Not only are open fire chimneys bigger, but they also require more up draught to keep them going – which takes even more heat away. This also makes the room draughty and cools things down. A wood burning stove will have a highly efficient sealed flue, reducing heat loss considerably.

The way a wood burning stove operates is more efficient, too. The wood burns hotter and for longer in a sealed appliance, which reduces your fuel costs and need for storage space. Stoves are also adjustable when in use. Altering the air vents regulates the intensity of the burning and the heat produced. This is very useful for keeping a room at a comfortable temperature once the stove has warmed things up, or if you want to keep a fire going while you’re out of the room.

Being able to leave the stove burning is efficiency – on your time. Open fires have to be tended and watched a lot more carefully. They need to be maintained more regularly to make sure they keep burning, and also to ensure that they don’t get out of control or spit sparks or embers into the room and on furnishings. Wood burning stoves keep everything neatly and safely inside the burning chamber, which does a very good job of regulating and maintaining the fire.

To achieve maximum efficiency it’s advisable to get a properly accredited firm that offers stoves installation London. They will advise you on the best size of appliance so that you get exactly the right amount of heat and don’t waste fuel. They will also make sure everything is fitted and sealed to a safe and efficient standard – the chimney/flue as well as the appliance.