Which Rangehood To Choose For His Kitchen?

Given the multitude of products offered, the diversity of systems and the wide range of designs, the Range hoods a household appliance generally very difficult to choose. It remains essential, especially since it is a customizable and decorative object that has a role to play in the harmony of your room.

Here is an overview of the different hoods available on the market and choice criteria to take into account.

The different types of hood

The primary role of the best kitchen rangehood is to suck up the greasy steam emitted when cooking your dishes. This object prevents it from spreading in your kitchen. It is placed above your cook top and will remove unpleasant odors and nauseating fumes. Given its volume, it is best not to neglect its decorative interest, be sure to opt for an aesthetic Rangehood that will fit perfectly in your room.

As a general rule, there are three types of hood: the visor Rangehood, the decorative Rangehood and the filter unit.

  • The visor Rangehood (also called classic hood) measures between 60 and 90 cm and is placed under a storage cabinet. This is the most accessible model.
  • The decorative Rangehood joins the useful to the pleasant thanks to its particularly neat design. It can be placed against a wall or in the middle of the kitchen.
  • The filter group is a Rangehood that integrates directly into a piece of furniture.
  • Choose the Rangehood that best suits your needs and the configuration of your kitchen.
  • Zoom on the decorative hood
  • There are two types of decorative hoods: the wall Rangehood or the island hood.
  • The wall Rangehood is leaning against the wall and can have different shapes. It usually consists of a body and a conduit to mask the drain pipe. The design varies depending on the model (pyramidal hood, curved …).
  • Decorative wall hood
  • The island Rangehood is fixed directly to the ceiling. It will give a resolutely modern tone to your room.

Island hood

First of all, know that it is advisable to choose Rangehood wider than your hobs so that the object sucks all the steam efficiently.

The first criterion to take into account is the maximum air flow (in m³ / h). The latter is related to the volume of the room. The larger your kitchen, the higher the maximum air flow of the appliance. It usually oscillates between 320 and 850 m³ / h.

The maximum sound level during evacuation is also very important. When operating, the hoods can be more or less noisy depending on the model. If the more discreet are around 50 dB, other hoods can reach more than 72 dB.

There are 2 types of aspiration:

– The external exhaust is the most efficient, the fumes are purified through a grease filter and odors and moisture are directly discharged to the outside of the housing through a conduit.

– Recycling suction involves several filters (a grease filter and activated charcoal filters) to treat odors and recycle air.

The number of suction speeds can also vary depending on the model. It usually falls between 2 and 5.

Lighting also has a role to play, so attention should be paid to the lamps used, the total wattage, the number of lamps and the positioning.

Finally, the design often depends on the materials used: stainless steel, aluminum, glass and stainless steel or stainless steel and enamel color … This is not the choice that is missing!


Finally, know that the experts at Boulanger offer their help to immediately enjoy your new devices. Depending on the time and constraints that the installation entails, our drivers can put your Rangehood free of charge and give you some tips on how to use your device.