Which Of The Live Chat Software Is The Most Trustworthy?

It can be hard to find the Top 10 best live chat software that your online business can use. This is because there is so many different software available for live chatting, that’s making it hard to choose. This is why you should know which of all the different software is best to use. Here are the best five software that you can choose when you want to interact live with your clients:

Live chat

The first software that you can use, is also one of the most common software that you can buy. The software isn’t expensive and every business can afford the program. You are also going to notice that with this software, you’re going to have all the important features that you need to have for chatting live.

Provide support

Provide support is another top software that you can use on your website for chatting live to your clients. Just like Live chat, it is affordable and really reliable. It has a customized interface that is ensuring that you can change the software to the needs of your business.


Olark is the third best live chat software. It might be a little more expensive than the top two software, but this is also a really reliable and trustworthy software. You will have the feature of client profiling extra that will make it easier to track and to remember all your clients that have been chatting on the live chat software with you or an employee.

Pure Chat

The thing that makes Pure Chat so great, is the fact that there is a free plan as well. Making it great for a new online business that still needs to make a profit. But, there are some other plans available for those companies that are looking for something with better features. This is a reliable service for all online businesses.


The fifth and also a reliable service is the Mylivechat. Just like Pure Chat, they also provide a free plan as well as some paid plans with great features. Their pricing is reasonable and the software are using the best platforms for ensuring that they are online all the time.

You can choose any of these 5 software for live chatting. All five of these live chat software are reliable and really affordable. Some of them are even offering a free plan for start-up businesses. No online business can function at its best without making use of any of these live chat software.