Which are the 8 types of travel medical insurance?

In modern days there are many people who like to visit different countries for various reasons. It can be due to touring, business travel, meeting or just a casual trip. There are many countries where a tourist may not feel comfortable and health issues can arise. There are many tourists who visit the country to enjoy the location beauty or explore the history of the place. But at the same time if one’s health is compromised or they fall sick, then all the planning has to be cancelled and no purpose of visit holds any stand.

Due to emergency medical condition usually travellers prefer medical travel insurance, which is good if you travel more often. There are various types of travel medical insurance that have a different sort of coverage. But before going for any specific insurance, one must understand various types of insurance coverage and plans. This helps in making a proper decision of what you want. Otherwise there are chances that you may end upselecting  a wrong policy which cannot fulfill the purpose for which it is purchased. In case of medical travel a policy is required, especially in a condition where it is really needed as a great support.

The 8 types of travel medical insurance

  1. Medical Emergency: One of the most prominent feature of medical travel insurance is a medical emergency. It can be a severe heart attack, accidental injury, stomach pain, fracture and many more. There are many kinds of medical situation where one needs emergency support or even air lift. Hence, a travel medical insurance must have such feature. In fact the medical emergency is the primary feature of a policy and on that basis only it is sold in the market. There are many expenses attached with medical emergencies and such expenses are very well covered by medical travel insurance plan.
  1. Evacuation on urgent base; One must have a travel plan that provides for emergency evacuation. Considering the current global scenario such situation can occur at any point of time in any country and therefore the insurance plan must have this feature as one of the primary f Under such circumstances there can be damage to luggage, passport and self which all is usually covered by such insurance plan. It is such a stage where hardly a few options can be available and so coverage of the same under insurance plan is very important.
  1. Remains collection: There are many countries where people travel at the risk of their life also. Although such people may have valid reasons for visiting such countries, but still medical travel is something more important. In case of death also the insurance company provides the facility for collection of one’s remains, which is the best example of a brilliant insurance plan. In case of a road accident or a plane crash this plan is too helpful for the family members of the client.
  1. Trip cancellation/interruption: In case of cancellation of a trip also there are insurance companies that provide for support of financial and other sorts of damage. However, it does not cover an emotional or sentimental loss. The monetary damage part is covered by such insurance plan which can also be beneficial to cover the loss to some extent. Same clauses also apply to trip interruption due to geographical, atmospherical, technical and international disturbances. In such situation one has to spend extra amount behind a new flight or different trip at all hence its coverage under the insurance plan matters a lot.
  1. Accidental death/injury: In case of accidental death or injury while on the trip to a foreign nation and having medical travel insurance, one can still remain tension free as an insurance company is there to pay him the medical expenses. In case of death of the traveler his legal heirs are given the amount of insurance. It also covers the legal and other expenses and therefore it is very important feature of a medical travel insurance plan.
  1. Travel Health: Under this plan health hazards such as chronic diseases, different types of fever, heart, kidney and liver problems are covered and it is considered as a short term plan only that covers client’s stay on the trip as well as in other country only. Once he is back to home country, the plan is considered as over.
  1. Funeral:There are medical travel plans that cover the client completely. Not only his health, abroad stays, but he is paid for his funeral also. There are many different plans of various countries, but they have a cap on the maximum expenses on the funeral.
  1. Disablement: In case of a medical travel insurance plan one of the most important feature is permanent or temporary, partial or complete disablement that covers various injuries and resulting in disability. However, there are different rules and regulations that covers this clause of the plan. The disablement is a matter of subjective nature and therefore before clearing claim one has to undergo a certain process established by the insurance company.

There are a number of insurance companies which have different travel medical plans and every company admire and appreciate its’ own plans. However, for a layman it is not that easy to decide which plan is better than which plan and what features must be given priority while going abroad. However, thanks to technology that have made the comparison of various plans easy. There are many online websites which provide a feature to feature comparison as well as comparison of price.

A famous website is medicaltravelcompared.co.uk  which is very famous for its online support to many clients. One can also look for various other tools online that can help the buyer. A person must understand that no doubt there are many online and offline tools to provide a good medical travel, but still one has to read the policy document thoroughly. There is no option of precaution which can save before the damage can occur.