Where To Fit Mobile Marketing Into Your Business Model

There is no doubt that mobile devices are hot items connecting people on a variety of different levels with one another. No matter what you may think or believe about mobiel devices, it is difficult to avoid how people get caught up in one mobile moment to the next, being constantly updated with highly relevant contextual based information in the apps they use.

The general population has become so used to having access to information through their personal mobile devices that it is hard for them to put these devices down for any length of time. The modern mobile addiction is, however, a great marketing avenue to exploit–especially if you take the time to work your marketing strategies in so that they properly reach your consumer base, rather than come across as pitchy and anoying. But how to fit smooth mobile marketing into a business marketing strategy has been something that many companies simply can not seem to smoothly work into their business model. Not because the money is not there to support such a marketing infrastructure, but because they do not have a well thought out approach to reaching potential consumers.

Understanding The Intimate Mobile Attachment

Your potential customers and clients not only feel lost when they do not have their mobile devices handy, they depend on these devices to keep them intimately connected to others. Consequently, engaging a potential customer needs to feel more like a friend contacting them with useful information or helpful advice than a business contacting them with hard sales tactics. The more engaging your app tends to be on an intimate level, the more your customers will begin to rely on and even enjoy the mobile engagement you are offering them. In this scenario, you are like a friend that provides them with gentle suggestions, where the content you are offering is perceived as highly valuable. An example of this sort of engagement is found in Apple’s use of SIRI technology to keep their customers connected and reliant on them. On the surface, SIRI seems like nothing more than a helpful informational tool for users of iPhone and other Apple products. However, on a deeper level, this mobile application is something Apple product users become more used to having, engaging, and depending on over time. According to an article in the Huffington Post, SIRI was presented to Apple users as a virtual personal assistant, helping to better brand their application in a very intimate way with their consumer base.

Where It Fits

When their customers are disconnected with that which they depend on, they feel that disconnection. In other words, Apple uses subtle marketing tactics through their mobile devices to connect their customers to them in a very intimate way. And this strategy works to keep their customers loyal both to Apple’s products and their company. In like manner, your company’s mobile apps and marketing strategy should attempt to repeat this success, because Apple has done this again with their intimate tap feature on the new Apple Watch. And this is what makes Apple’s reach into the lives of their customers such a strong connection. Adopting similar tactics in your mobile marketing strategy could provide your company with a similar path to success.