Where To Find Pallets For Sale

Any company that deals in the export of their own goods will want to look for places that have pallets for sale in a bid to save on rising operational costs. However, finding these places will actually take a lot of your time unless you know where to begin looking.

Resellers are your Best Bet

The resellers of any standard plastic pallets should be your first destination because of their wide range of stock that they normally carry from various manufacturers. Not only will you be able to get a good deal on the pallets you want but you will also be able to get the ones with the best fit for your export needs.

It is also the responsibility of the resellers to know the latest products that are on the market and to update you on the various changes that are changing the product as a result of technological advancement. They will be able to determine the right pallets for your needs and you can have the peace of mind knowing that your export operations will not be jeopardized.

Local Auction Sites Work Too

This solution may not be as effective as the one above but it is still a good place for you to try and see if you can get any pallet for sale at a discount. These auctions are typically held at manufacturers or companies that are either trying to get rid of their old stock of export pallets or if they are closing down their business.

You will need to ensure that the pallets being put up for auction meet the industry standard and that they can be loaded onto your racking system and be fitted into your trucks for transport. The last thing you want is to find out that you have loaded all of your products on the pallet and then finding out it is not of the right size.

Getting them Straight from the Source

This is definitely the last option to find your export pallets because it most certainly involves a lot of money. The upside is that if you already have a manufacturer that you trust, then purchasing from them directly is a viable strategy but it is also most likely that these companies do not manufacture their pallets within Australia.

Typically these manufacturers will have a restriction on the minimum order quantity before they even think about selling their products to you. Don’t be surprised if the minimum order must exceed 5,000 pallets for sale or more and then there’s also the cost of logistics and transport that will surely be piled on top as well.

You will need to consider your options carefully and then determine which of the methods above will work best for your company.