When Should You Get Your Wipers Changed?

Windshield wipers are integral to a motor vehicle’s structure. The purpose of wipers is to be able to remove snow, rain, or any form of debris from the windshield in order to keep you safe while driving. Most often, wiper blades do not get the attention they deserve until they no longer work as they should.

As a quick guide, we list down some of the signs that indicate when you should get your wipers changed. Look out for these signs to ensure your safety always!

Look – Touch – Feel Inspection

  • Inspect your wiper blades at least every 6 months. See if the rubber edges that contact the glass tear off from the wiper assembly. If it does, replace it to prevent the metal parts of the blade from scratching the glass and causing further damage.
  • Touch the edge of the wiper arm and if it is split, chipped, or rigid, replace it.
  • If at any time you feel that you are bothered with streaks on your windshield, do not take chances of reaching an unsafe point or risking visibility while you’re on the road. Get the wipers changed as soon as possible.

Hot and Cold Season

The climate in your location is also a factor to consider in determining the frequency of changing your wipers. Whenever the season changes, you must check to see if your blades are still in good condition.

Here’s a brief description of how your blades are during hot and cold months.

  • During hot months, dry heat can cause the rubber blades to crack or warp.
  • Cold weather can cause the blades to become brittle. During winter, snow can cause them to stick to the windshield or loosen them from the glass.

Options available when you are ready to change your wipers:

  • It is not necessary to get the most expensive wipers. Ask a motor parts specialist about attributes of a rubber and silicone blade that will help you decide which perfectly fits your vehicle. Many stores do install parts right after the purchase for your convenience.
  • Keeping the windshield clean by using washer fluid or rain repellent products will also help new wipers to work efficiently.

Changing your wiper is part of the overall vehicle maintenance. Make it a habit to check your blades every now and then. It not only gives you a better visibility while you’re travelling. More than that, it will also better ensure your safety as you drive.

Written by the staff at KB Tire & Auto. KB Tire & Auto is the leading expert in auto repair Moberly MO has to offer.

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