When Did Couriers Started?

The word “courier”, according to Wikipedia, literally means to deliver a message, a package or a mail. There are several ways to courier services even way back pre-industrial times. In history and even up to date, couriers, play an important role in the society when it comes to delivery of important goods and messages.

Ancient Origin of Courier Services

Base from the ancient history, homing pigeons and falcons, riding on horseback and bicycle, and even walking and running marathons are the traditional ways of courier services. A courier would literally walk and run long distances just to deliver messages. Basically, it actually takes days before a message or a package is delivered by hand. During the middle Ages, it was said that couriers were paid even higher than an average laborer because of the difficulty of their work. Courtesans and royalties usually have their personal and trusted couriers deliver the messages and goods for them.

In the time of the Roman Empire, Augustus established state-run courier services called Circus Public. In 1635, mails and goods with postage being paid appeared for the first time. This was the Royal Mail established by Charles the First. During the 18th century in, Pajot and Rouille became the wealthiest family in France for opening a courier service. In the United States, their postal service motto can be traced back to Grecian origin, which says: “Not snow, no, nor rain, nor heat, nor night keeps them from accomplishing their appointed courses with all speed”.

Modern Era Courier Services

In the modern times, hundreds of courier services are now made available to the consumers, each of them putting forward their cheapest services and best options to clients. Large companies such as FedEx, UPS, USA Couriers, DHL, and many more are topping the ranks when it comes to courier services.

Courier Point, an international courier service, is a company established in the United Kingdom. They have been eleven years in the courier services and have received excellent reviews of their services. They have courier to Germany, USA, and many more. Packages sent from England usually get to Germany in as fast as two days of the cheapest price.

From the early ancient times up to the modern era, courier services have been continuously progressing in providing the clients with quality and fast delivery services. This is proven by Courier Points through their fast and reliable services.