What Won My Heart At The JCK Las Vegas 2015?

The JCK Las Vegas 2015 was recently concluded with new trends, designs and innovations introduced into the world of jewellery. There were scores of elements that made the biggest attention-grabbers at the world’s biggest jewellery show. Here are some of the unique ones that specifically drew my attention.

Focus on Nature

Designers gave special emphasis to colourful tiny creatures and butterflies. But there was much more focus on fauna including leaves, flowers, vines, and many other assorted elements from botany that most of us may not be able to identify.

Many brands at the trade show experimented with floral designs. The most notable work was from VIVAAN. It was all floral yet surprisingly white. The most eye-catching handpiece flirted with white diamond and sapphire.

I found it intriguing and appealing because VIVAAN is something which is known for its colors. But here it was and flaunting a handpiece that had no colors yet looked one of the best jewellery at the event. Pave diamonds were used in the centrally positioned flower while the white sapphires added to the stone part.

Rose Gold

While rose gold is a big thing right now in the market, especially for bridal rings, the trade show displayed an entirely new trend. Imagine wearing a ring or some other jewellery made in precious white metal with just a hint of rose gold in a few places. I was especially stunned a few pieces of wedding bands and rings for their satin looks. I could see the style being used in several other designs and places at the event.

A splendid example of the “rose gold touch” was the range of Engagement Rings from Sylvie Collection. It is not to say that the collection didn’t have other assortments, but rose gold was an eye-catcher. It is the special kind of satiny feel created by the rose accents that leaves you mesmerized by the effect.


There’s always going to be a stone at the JCK that will steal the show. This year it was the tourmaline. It could be seen almost everywhere and it seemed that there was a pre-planned strategy to showcase tourmaline pieces in various colors. They were featured in colors ranging from solid bright ones to jewellery pieces that carried colors from the entire spectrum. Luxurious, exotic, and lovely, you couldn’t avoid them any way.

Even Vianna Brasil played with the magic of tourmaline in unsurpassed class and aura. The brand amazed everyone with its unique collection of cocktail rings. The rings carried matchless combination of candy and tourmaline.

Rubellite Rings

While tourmaline played its magic everywhere, it doesn’t mean that other stones and elements were less in their “fire” in any way. Opal and rubellite rings in magnificent designs kept everyone glued to many of the booths. Yael Designs especially presented any pieces in glorious radiance.

While it was mostly about the tourmaline magic, Susan Wheeler took her pendant collection to the next level by combining the best of rubellites and tourmalines. Her bright green tourmaline was the centerpiece surrounded by rubellites and tsavorites.

I feel that every year the JCK show keeps getting better in terms of innovativeness. Although each year is unique in its offerings, it is probably the new trend that makes you think the other way.

Author Bio:

Marlow Marshall is a renowned Jewellery Designer in Calgary. He is also member of several jewellery organizations in the Metropolitan Area. While he has a flourishing jewellery business, he is also seen as an industry-leading expert in retail and management. Marlow emphasizes the need for focusing on customer service combined with quality product delivery.