What To Do In Case Of A Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies are something that no one wants to go through. Unfortunately, as we get older, they tend to happen at some point. If you do have an emergency you will need to visit an emergency dentist Charlotte NC has to offer. They can fix any issue that you may be having with your teeth. You will obviously want to get this taken care of as quickly as possible.

Pain:  Pain is the ultimate identifier that determines whether something is an emergency or not. Like I said, tooth pain is some of the sharpest and most intense pain that the human body can experience. If you are not in pain, your dental issue can probably wait until you get an appointment. If you have serious pain, you need to address it as soon as possible. The relief that you will feel is amazing. The pain is extremely acute and usually, lasts until you get it taken care of. Here’s what to do until you can see a dentist in the event of different emergencies.

Toothache: If you have just a toothache without any visible damage and you can’t get to a dentist right away there are a couple of different things that you can do. First, you should brush and floss your teeth in the area. That might be enough to resolve the pain enough so that you can sleep until you can go to the dentist. Another thing that you can try is rinsing the area with warm salt water.

Knocked-out Tooth: A knocked-out or partially missing tooth is a surefire reason to go to the dentist. If this happens to you, you should try to recover the missing part of the tooth. There is a chance that the dentist can use it to treat your pain. It is important that you don’t brush the tooth at all so you don’t brush away any other loose debris on the tooth and cause further damage. If you want to have the chance to reimplant the tooth in your mouth, you need to keep the tooth as moist as possible while you are transporting it.

These are just two tooth injuries where you will need emergency attention. Remember, if you are in extreme pain you should go to the dentist as soon as possible. You may not be able to tell why the pain is happening but it almost always means that something serious is happening.

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