What To Do If You Suddenly Suffer From Hair Loss

Like it or not, hair loss can affect anyone at any time, even children and teenagers can suddenly be faced with the reality of hair loss, and because there are many causes, the best treatment can only be recommended once a diagnosis has taken place. You could visit your local doctor, but he or she would likely refer you to a hair restoration clinic, where experts can assess the situation and recommend a solution.

Causes of Hair Loss

Alopecia is a disease that can cause prolific hair loss in both men and women, and it is usually a genetic condition, which is incurable. The onset typically affects men in their early twenties, and with women, it would normally become evident in their forties, and once it begins, the hair follicles in the affected area regrow in a weaker state, and this process eventually results in zero hair regrowth. Whether the hair loss is permanent or temporary, there are non-surgical solutions that incorporate weaving human hair extensions, and if the hair loss is only temporary, the new hair growth will not be affected by the hair extension system, which allows the growth of normal hair to continue.

Stress and Trauma

On occasions, severe anxiety or a traumatic event can bring on hair loss, and it might disappear as quickly as it came. Stress and worry can cause a hormone imbalance and this might affect hair growth, and with hair extensions carefully woven into the existing hair, no one would ever know you suffered from hair loss.

Hair Restoration Specialists

If you live in the UK and suffer from hair loss, there are reputable hair restoration clinics across the country that specialise in hair extension treatments, and after a free initial consultation, you can make an informed decision about which treatment to have. Whether you suffer from female hair loss in Newcastle or London, an online search will reveal the location of an established clinic, and their team of experts can soon identify the underlying cause and recommend the best treatment.

Permanent or Temporary Hair Loss

If the condition is temporary, then you require a treatment that will give you a full head of natural hair while the hair loss is evident, but will not inhibit the new growth, and with hair extensions, your hair can regrow unaffected, and when the hair loss problem has been remedied, you can have the extensions removed. Permanent hair loss can be treated the same way, and the extensions would typically last for 3 months, and after that, the same extensions can easily be reattached, giving you another 3 months of trouble free use.

If the worst happens and hair loss becomes a part of your life, don’t panic and think that you must wear a wig for the rest of your days, as modern hair extensions can be micro-beaded into your existing hair, which will leave you able to lead a perfectly normal life.