What to Buy When Refinishing Your Home’s Exterior

What to Buy When Refinishing Your Home's Exterior

To decide on what materials you are going to need for your exterior finishing, you have to consider aspects such as price, functionality, and the beauty of your home’s exterior. Aside from providing you with protection, the exterior of your home should add some aesthetics to your décor. Here are a few materials you may want to consider for the entire project.


Paint is one of the most important materials you are going to need to finish your exterior. For the exterior walls, you will need to use oil-based paints. Water-based paint is mostly used for the interior walls. Some of these paints include satin, gloss, semi-gloss, flat, and eggshell. A flat finish is probably the cheapest option. However, it is not long-lasting compared to the others. It gives off a matte look making it the best choice to hide flaws in your walls. Eggshell-this one is cheap, durable, and offers more shine compared to flat. Semi-gloss and gloss- this option is relatively pricier, reflective with long life compared to the other options. These options are good for wall trimming, especially for a house with wooden paneling for siding.

Ceramic Tiles

Tiles add some level of beauty to your home’s exterior, especially when used in curtain wall sections, patios and walkways. When buying your building supplies, it is best to add terracotta tiles or porcelain tiles as they are known to provide a unique and beautiful design to your exterior. When properly installed, this tile can serve you for a very long time while protecting your house from the elements. Remember to refer to the manufacturer’s manual on the appropriate use of these materials to ensure durability.

Drop Cloths

During the preparation stage for either painting or redoing our exterior walls, your lawn can get damaged. To protect your lawns, you will have to buy a drop cloth. Before getting down to business, it is best to cover your grass, plants, or trees using a drop cloth. Drop cloths are mostly preferred due to their ability to catch paint chips while letting the water run through. This material does not tear easily compared to other options.

Drop cloths also come in handy when you have to pressure wash your walls or siding. This material comes in handy when protecting your plants from damage resulting from being hit with a high-pressure stream.

Wall Siding

For the exterior walls, there are several materials that you can use. These range stone, wood, fiber cement, vinyl, stucco to the brick siding. Each of these materials is preferred by homeowners for its different qualities. For example, bricks and stone are largely preferred for durability and high resistance to fire. When choosing material for your siding, consult with your contractor to ascertain the best choice depending on your home.

Choosing the material to refinish your home is not an easy task. This task needs you to consult with your team to ensure you have all the materials and tools needed for the job.