What Makes Bangalore An Elegantly Unique City In The South?

Bangalore, the Garden City of the country, is an intriguing city to explore. Besides, being the IT capital of the country, there are some extremely beautiful places to visit in Bangalore. The salubrious climate is the added advantage of the place. It is indeed an ideal place to visit and stay as well. When you are on a holiday, this Silicon city offers a glimpse of glorious past and beautiful picture of the highly developed present.

Once upon a time, Bangalore was the former capital of Mysore state. Now, the city is bestowed with all the modern virtues which attract people with different purposes. With old monuments, glamorous shopping malls, enchanting gardens and the IT Hub, Bangalore welcomes all its guests with open arms. Every year almost thousands of travellers visit the place. The city was ruled by few dynasties like Cholas, the Ganges, the Hoysalas and later the Britishers. The remains of the bygone era are spread across the city.


Situated in the northern end of the Deccan Plateau with excellent connections with the rest of the country. Here is the list of places to visit in Bangalore:

The old town is on the southwestern side of Bangalore. The pre-British settlement can be seen in this part. Tipu Sultan’s Palace is the best-known monument in the Old Bangalore. The palace is set in a pretty garden. It is a two-storey pillared pavilion and it stands in the grounds of the demolished Gowda Palace. This 18 th century structure primarily dominates this region. However, City walls near the city markets and the Gangadhareshwar Temple is other attractions. Lal Bagh garden in the southern Bangalore was laid as the pleasure resort by Haider Ali. It also houses watchtowers founded by Kempe Gowda. Lal Bagh is now a popular tourist spot.

Well, the central Bangalore is among the busy sectors of the city. The famous and large Cubbon Park is located here. It was constructed by the British in 1864. Government Museum, Vidhan Soudha, the state Assembly in Neo-Dravidian style, Raj Bhavan and St Mark’s Cathedral are some of the renowned buildings laid around the Cubbon Park.

Bangalore Palace is gorgeous. It offers a chance to witness the England’s Windsor Castle in the land of India. The palace is the replica of the Windsor Castle and the wonderful Tudor and Gothic architecture will amaze you. With granite turrets and towers, Bangalore Palace is spread across 430 acres. This elegant structure amidst the lush green is a delight to the visitors.

The north of Bangalore is occupied by Devanahalli, nandi Hills and Bhoganandishwara Temple. Shiva Ganga Fort and Narishama Temple are on the northwest side of the city. Kolar and Kurudumale are located in the east of Bangalore.

This was a small orientation of the city; do research before planning a tour to Bangalore. Bangalore International airport is well to the north of the city. It is around 40 km away from the city centre. Flights from various other cities connect the airport. You can check flights from Bangalore to Goa for detailed information.