What is Smartphone Insurance?

These days, smartphones have become something that’s incredibly common. In fact, it is possible to get a low-end smartphone for less than $50, a price range that’s previously reserved for cell phones with no operating system in it. Innovative technological breakthrough is nearly unthinkable in the mobile industry and it is difficult for us to not to go back to our home, if we forget carrying our smartphone. Mobile devices are essentially a type of personal computer with compact form factor, usable operating system and increasingly powerful hardware. People use them to look for reviews on a store and restaurants. They can also play quick games and check email.

However, rich features are only available in more expensive smartphone models and they have a wide range of impressive functionality. This encourages people to choose more expensive models, many of them can be above $600. Unfortunately, due to its portable and compact nature, it is very easy to lose our smartphone. We could mistakenly leave it behind in a restaurant, it could slip out of our hand and hit the pavement. It is also not too uncommon to hear stories from friends that their expensive smartphone has fallen into the toilet.

These mishaps often represent real financial consequences, because our smartphones can never be found again. This is especially true if we have just bought the newest flagship model a few weeks ago. For this reason, it is important to obtain a protection and we could actually get a replacement. At the time of purchasing our new smartphone, it is a good idea to sign up for smartphone insurance. Often, the insurance plan is offered by our carrier and the payment is included in the monthly combined payment, especially if we are subscribing to an on-contract plan.

The amount of monthly payment for smartphone insurance could reach about $7 per month. If we could prove that the phone is lost due to an unfortunate situation that we can’t avoid, it is possible that we will get a full replacement. However, a smartphone insurance may not be too appealing for some people, especially if they need to spend more than $150 on extra payment, during the duration of the contract, which is usually 24 months. However, it is an opportunity to get full replacement. It should be noted that there could be some extra costs that we need to consider. As an example, we may be required to pay a deductible that could cost up to $200, depending on the smartphone model.

It means that there’s no guarantee that we will get a new smartphone model as replacement. Even if we have paid insurance for more than one year and we have agreed to pay deductibles, it is possible for us to get a refurbished model. In some cases, we could also get a new device, but it is actually a less capable model. That’s the reason why we need to really make sure that the smartphone coverage will really protect us against unexpected situations.

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