What Is SEO PowerSuite’s WebSite Auditor?

It is very important that you acquire a very good SEO software which enables you to carry out the optimization of your website into search engine oriented that will help it get indexed in different search engines when a search is carried out by different users. It is also equally important that the software be put to the maximum use to achieve great results. Many website owners have also started using Website Auditor software. As there are many reasons why one should use this particular software, it is best to understand all the important factors that are related with this software.

Website Auditor

Website Auditor is special software which analyses different search engines present in the internet. The three main search engines that are present are Google, Yahoo and Bing. Recent surveys have shown that about 72.5% of the internet searches are carried out through Google. Website Auditor mainly targets Google, which analyses the algorithm used to rank various websites. Once the analyses are complete, it provides the user with a detailed report on the algorithm used by Google search engine. This report can play an important role on how you can design your website which will help in creating the necessary changes.

In order to use Website Auditor, the user has to enter the keyword that he/she would like to analyze along with the search engine through which it has to be checked.

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  • Keywords
  • Keyword Density
  • Web Page Title
  • Web Page Description
  • Anchor Text Links
  • Alt Image Tags
  • Outbound Links
  • Inbound Links

The above information is an example and the criteria which Website Auditor uses to provide you with complete information. It has been such that some of the information that has been provided is considered to be more effective than others. Once the software finishes analyzing the keywords that have been entered along with the preferred search engine, it returns a report which can easily be read by every individual. Apart from the factors mentioned above, the report also contains information on the following:

  • Optimization rate
  • Keyword optimization rate
  • Page elements optimization rate
  • Competitor’s optimization rate

The above mentioned factors are considered as the most important factors that one should take care. When an individual clicks on the above mentioned links, further detailed description is viewed which helps them understand easily. When complete process is completed, the software opens up a new webpage with all the necessary precise solutions. This option will provide the means to alter your present website which will help increase optimization rate. This is more useful for those who are into SEO services.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Website Auditor is provided by SEO PowerSuite collections, which provides high quality software’s. Though no software is perfect, reviews suggested improvements from users and readers who have used the software. The important enhancements are:

  • Provide functionality to print, email and publish reports that are generated by Website Auditor. These services are currently available only to those who purchase enterprise edition.
  • It will be a great tool once it also provides information regarding off-site requirements. Currently, all the versions work on-site.

Though the above mentioned complaints or suggestions are small, implementing these small reviews in the next versions will make many users and readers happy increasing the demand for the product. The only important issue one can speak of here is the option to print, email and publish reports that are generated by the software. Enterprise edition of the software is priced high and not many takers for the same.

Though the above mentioned come under disadvantages, there are even more advantages which are described below:

  • Extensive reporting for on-site search engine specifications. A small piece of information regarding an on-site webpage is contained in the report.
  • Providing the best advice for your website and the way to approach the same. This is carried out under “Recommendations” category.
  • It lists the problem with different optimization rates and also provides solution to the same.

The result

Though there are mixed responses to the final verdict, when it comes to handling, ease of use, advising capability and ability to search, Website Auditor is the best source for those who would like to carry out a detailed analysis of keywords.

This particular software is not the best solution to those who would like to offer start-up search engine optimization services to various clients. There are chances that clients may ask for report of the analyses carried out. Under such circumstances, it is advisable that they look out the enterprise of the software version which will provide you the opportunity to print, share and email the reports generated by the software.

Though there are even free trail periods available for the software, the end decision depends on the user on how he/she would like to use the software.