What Is Effective Communication For A Married Couple?

What Is Effective Communication For A Married Couple?

Effective communication is one of the most important in a wedding life of a couple. In order to make plans, solve problems, address issues you need to communicate effectively with each other. Many couples have this problem and they have less than perfect communication which is not healthy but life can go on.

Beside daily chaos, there are many things about which a couple argues like parenting, sex, togetherness and extended family. The common area of disagreement among the couples is money and the way they spend it. Over the time we see that constant arguing and negative remarks are so intense that you forget the love you had once. This communication problem can be resolved by Toronto couple counseling.

The Evolution of Communication

In the early stages of your relationship, your communication may have been effortless. You must have felt like you and your partner can read each other’s mind and can actually finish each other’s statement. Maybe it’s the case that you have developed this problem of communication recently and you can continue to survive perfectly in spite of the problem. But that the first stage of miscommunication and you should take it seriously. Visit Yellow Pages for more information.

As the relationship is progressed you may have noticed the communication degrading and a weaker connection between you and your partner. Life circumstances, relationship, and perhaps situation also change. Now you come to realize that actually the communication problem is holding you back and you are not getting a satisfying and loving relationship that is necessary for any happy couple.

Below are some common communications problems among a couple. These can be resolved by couple counseling in Toronto-

  • Small disagreements turn into a huge escalating fight
  • Frequent interrupting
  • Judgmental attitude
  • Holding back from your partner
  • Not feeling heard or understood
  • Frequent arguments and misunderstanding
  • Constant negativity and criticism
  • Unfair fights like personal attack or insults for the partner
  • Walking on eggshell
  • One person monopolizing the conversation
  • Avoiding important issues
  • Emotional withdrawal or silent treatment
  • Aggressive language or body language
  • Difficulty resolving problems


Good communication art is a thing you can learn. The main approach behind blame, hurt and resentment is by talking to each other about it. The couple counseling Toronto helps us to resolve these problems by working together with us an empowering us with certain tools so that the couple can reconnect with each other better. Here are some skills that you will learn from your counselor:

  • Attentive listening
  • Learning how to reconnect and repair after fight
  • Collaborative and creative problem solving
  • Understanding the root cause of the problem
  • Taking responsibility for your part
  • Expressing empathy and caring for each other
  • Reducing physical aggression by using words when you get angry or frustrated
  • emphasize your needs
  • say what you want
  • Express your feeling and thoughts clearly

By improving the communication skill you can work on the issues you are facing in your marriage. Over the time as you and your partner learn to communicate you will see that you can connect better and you feel closer than before. Visit Foursquare for more information.

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