What Equipment You Need For DIY Lawn Care

What Equipment You Need For DIY Lawn Care

Are you looking to trim your expenses back? Perhaps you need to save money for a large purchase, and you feel doing your yard work will help with monthly expenses. Whatever the case, we have four categories of tools you can choose from to make your yard look like the pros below.

Mulching Mower

Instead of using a blower to go back across the sidewalk and driveway when you finish mowing, a mulching machine can do all the work for you. If you purchase a mulching mower, then you can opt for a battery or gas option. Using a battery-operated mower can save you the cost of fuel. Plus, there are no mower tune-ups because these mowers are zero percent maintenance.

Shovels and Rakes

Every property owner can make use of a shovel and rake. These tools along with hoes, spades, ice choppers, and edgers can help you manicure your lawn to keep it neat and trim. Shovels are handy for transplanting trees and flower bulbs.

If you have a honeysuckle tree, then you will need a shovel to get out the taproot. Otherwise, the pesky plant will keep returning. We all know how important it is to have a rake when the leaves fall, but you can also use this tool to clean up spills, tree trimmings, and debris.

Loppers and Hedge Trimmers

Your bushes and trees will need a cut each season. You can find pruners, lopping shears, and bush trimming tools at your local hardware store. If you are unclear about how a tool works, then the employees at the store can help you understand the best way to use these tools at home. Most lopping shears can trim tree branches between one and two inches. For anything larger, you may need a more powerful tool. Keep reading to find out what we suggest.


If you want to grow fruit trees or plant a garden, then you will need more tools than you would for standard lawn care. For example, tilling the ground will break up the soil, making it easier for plants to take root and grow. A cultivator or tiller is necessary for this job. You can purchase one for your garage or shed, or you can rent these tools, but beware, you often have to rent this equipment by the hour.

Saws and pickaxes work wonders for getting rid of large trees. Getting out a large stump takes a bit of manpower and tools, so a saw and shovel are important. Pickaxes will help you split the stump into manageable pieces.

Your yard can look beautiful and manicured with the right tools. For a simple job, the minimum a homeowner should get is a lawnmower, weed eater, shovel, and rake. You will have to outsource the tree and bush trimming, or give in and purchase the tools for these jobs.