What Do Sun Signs and Moon-Signs Can Reveal About Your Personality?

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The universe is a large space filled with endless celestial bodies. And they all affect us, in one way or the other. The effects of these bodies on human affairs and terrestrial events is tremendous. That’s why, we should all have a good astrologer in Gurgaon or other city to guide us through the incredible changes that the universe experiences every day. Imagine, if the presence of moon can affect the tides so remarkably, how moon, as well as the sun can affect our personality! Check out these sun-signs and moon-signs to know what all they reveal about your personality.

How are Sun-signs and Moon-signs Calculated?

Before you proceed, know that sun-signs and moon-signs are calculated differently. While sun-sign is usually the month and date of your birth, moon-sign is a little complex and may require support from astrologer in Gurgaon to calculate. But generally, it is calculated with the date, month, year, time and place of birth. Therefore, a single person can have a different sun-sign and moon-sign and have personality characteristics of both. This what these signs reveal about one’s personality.


Aries are known for their motivation and they are usually quite confident. They always try to be first and don’t complicate things. They are simple and spontaneous, but sometimes, they can actually be quite egoistic and irresponsible.


These people have a personality that thrives on comfort and security. You are down to earth, enjoy simple things, a natural charmer and a grounded individual. You are usually guided by over-indulgence and tend to be lazy.


These people have an entertaining personality and they tend to be multi-tasking people. You would love how these people are clever, communicative and extremely extroverted. But sometimes, they can be detached and unstable.


Their main personality trait is emotionality. They bond themselves emotionally with other people. They are romantic, naïve and tender. Their general goodness of heart makes them very loving. Childlike imagination can be a good or bad thing for them.


You love to be adored and have a sunny, optimistic, life living personality. You love to recognized and appreciated and generally have a good mood. But you can be quite theatrical as well. These people might have a lot of passionate that should be channeled well.


Sound and practical, they are modest, reasonable people who don’t do things over the top. But they can be critical. Although they are very reliable and collected, their personality is the type that doesn’t let go.


Lovers of harmony and balancing out the conflict, these people are quite charming, sociable and polite. They are rather considered a diplomat. They love the concept of romance, seek adoration and love beauty.


Finding emotional security is their motto. Their personality has magnetism and mystery at the same time. They are intense and have all the extremes, good or bad. They have a desperate need to control.


Their personality loves adventure and they prefer to be well-travelled. Their weakness is their difficulty in staying grounded. People from this sign can be good and idealistic.


All they want to do is achieve tangible results. Highly motivated and reliable, they can be serious and pessimistic as well. What gives them an edge is that they get childlike as they go older.


The lovers of greater good and the natural rebels, they are usually deeply connected to people and love exploring various fields. These people have a witty nature that makes them great companion.


Empathic, dreamy with a small ego. They are intuitive and can easily absorb all their surroundings. They can handle the pain but they can get addicted to substances.

CTA- So, which is your moon/sun sign?

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