What Are The Symptoms Of Lung Cancer?

What Are The Symptoms Of Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is common disease found in India. You will come across with its different symptoms which includes

  • Reduction of weight– This is one of the main symptom of lung cancer. Reduction of weight is due to decrease in energy. Cancer cells will reduce the overall weight of the body and loses stamina.  You will come across with many hospitals which provide lung cancer treatment surgery in India from experts.
  • Pain in the bone– lung cancer will spread to the bones which will cause pain in the body along in the bones. Person will notice more pain at night and it will increase when they move. It will also result in pains and aches in your overall body.
  • Wheezing– When airways are blocked and inflamed, the lungs will produce wheezing sound while breathing. It is one of the main symptoms of lung cancer when you notice about this sound on regular basis.

  • Pain in chest areas– Lung cancer produce pain in the chest areas along with shoulders and neck. Coughing and itching problem is also related with this disease which will make you sharp and dull. Chest pain is common symptom of lung cancer which makes you discomfort where you come across with lining around the lungs.
  • Headache– It is also the sign of lung cancer that has spread to the brain. It is due to the lung tumor that will create more pressure on vena cava which is the large vein which moves the blood from the upper part of the body and to the heart. It will create severe headaches.
  • Coughing – Regular coughing will also result in lung cancer. It does not goes away easily and getting worse day by day.
  • Loss of appetite– If there is loss in appetite where person is not likely to eat anything and they may feel fuller for long period of time is the risk of lung cancer.
  • Tired and weak– Lung cancer will make person tired and weak. They will lose energy in the body and they will not able to do any kind of work. Stamina is lost due to cells of cancer.
  • Skin color changes– There are the change in the color of the skin, where you will notice yellow skin including eyes too. It will also spread to liver too.
  • Problem while laughing– If person is having problem while breathing along with laughing and coughing. They will also come across with infections including bronchitis and pneumonia that will not go easily and come back again after some time.

Apart from above symptoms, you will come across with few changes in the body which will cover down

  • Increase in the size of breast in men
  • Thickening of bones in the body
  • Problems related with nervous system
  • Levels of calcium is high in the blood
  • Clots of blood.
  • Breathing problem.

Thus these are the above symptoms of lung cancer.