What Are the Multiple Industrial Uses of the Chain Conveyor Systems?

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Chain Conveyor System

Conveyor is a type of a mechanical device that is used for moving goods from one area to another. The industrial conveyor systems can be of different types such as belt conveyor systems, chain conveyor systems, mechanical conveyor systems, screw conveyor systems, pneumatic conveyor systems and bucket conveyor systems. The conveyors are made from metals such as steel, brass, aluminum, and also from rubber or plastic.

The chain conveyor systems include a series of periodical bearings that are held in total by compelling link plates. Each bearing contains a pin and a bush on which the entire conveyor system rotates. Solid bearing pin and hollow bearing pin are the most popularly used conveyor chains. Other commonly used chains are Deep link chain and Drop forged chain.

Chain Conveyor System

Types and features of the chain conveyors:

  • Solid bearing pin chain: This type of conveyor chain has the similar dimensions as hollow bearing pin chain but is stronger and thus suitable for complex conveyor applications.
  • Hollow bearing pin chain: This type of conveyor chain allows attachments to be secured through the hollow bearing pins and these attachments are sometimes firmly secured or held in an unrestricted manner.
  • Deep link chain: This type of conveyor chain includes side plates that are quite deeper than the usual chain plates. This type of conveyor chain provides a constant carrying edge over the roller edge and is available as solid and hollow bearing pin varieties.
  • Drop forged chain: This type of conveyor chain is also known as en-masse conveyor chain or scraper chain as they are fixed with attachments that have been fused directly onto the chain link.

Application of chain conveyor systems

The use of chain conveyor systems can be seen in industries such as

  • Material handling industry
  • Mining industry
  • Cement works industry
  • Sewage treatment
  • Timber garnering
  • Agriculture
  • Textile equipment
  • Automobile industry
  • Food processing
  • Package industry

Other than these the conveyor systems are also found in grocery stores, malls and for moving escalators and sidewalks. These conveyor systems are also used in airports and post offices to move baggage, mail and parcels from one place to the other.

Chain Conveyor System

Profits of chain conveyor systems

  • The chain conveyor systems are the ultimate means of decreasing human labor by moving large and heavy items mechanically to the desired location. They are known for helping the companies to save a large amount of time and money. These systems are extremely modular and versatile and they can be reconfigured and installed recurrently even when the layout of the plant changes.
  • The chain conveyor systems can be installed in areas with limited space just by making use of guiding aluminum side rails. They give excellent transmission productivity, can be operated under extreme temperature and atmospheric conditions and involve low installation cost and are perfect for transportation at steep places.
  • The chain conveyor systems are perfect for transporting hot materials up to 400 °C. These conveyors require less maintenance and can be reassembled easily, give fewer loads on the shafts and thus can function appropriately for longer period of time.

However, in order to ensure that chain conveyor systems run appropriately, they require periodic lubrication as this is the life line of the conveyors. Moreover, the conveyor chain system should not be stretched excessively as it can result in velocity fluctuations. In addition, the products should be mounted on the conveyor chain system accurately to ensure that it works flawlessly and to smoothly.

Therefore, it can be concluded by stating that conveyor system is the pillar of every industry! If you want to know more then keep in touch to get more information.