Watch Out For These Types of Drivers

More often than not, we have seen our fellow motorists indulge in questionable driving habits and moves. Here are types of drivers that we need to be aware of:

  1. Compulsive Passers: These drivers simply have compulsive desire to pass everyone and they seem to have a personal quest to pass specific number of drivers in certain amount of time. In reality, compulsive drivers could shave only a few minutes of the overall commute time and they could put themselves and others in dangers.
  2. Speedy Gonzales: These people may not seek to pass others, but they always want to go faster than the typical flow of traffic. Excessive speed could triple the accident risk and outrunning the flow of traffic can be difficult to achieve if there’s no ample space. We should keep our eyes peeled for them and from our viewpoint, they should be considered as a risk factor.
  3. Loyal tailgaters: Tailgating is also a risk factor on the road. When driving a car, we should define our own “personal space” and we should watch for people who are right on our tail. We shouldn’t let ourselves give into negative emotions. Ignoring tailgaters can be a risk, because sometimes, we need to brake quickly due to sudden obstructions on the road. Slow down and let the person pass us and if the person refuses to pass us, we could pull over and wait for a few minutes.
  4. One-handed cellphone drivers: Some drivers confidently roar down the highway at high speed while holding the wheel on one hand. This is a dangerous practice and a real contempt for many other drivers. Watch out for these drivers and make sure that they’ll pass safely.
  5. Avid stoppers: These drivers constantly stop at every loading zone, school zone, railroad crossing, crosswalk and unmarked intersections. These people could unnecessarily stop when it is clearly quiet and there’s no one around. We should be attentive and try to pass the safely if we are in a hurry.
  6. Screechers: These drivers slam the brake hard at the very last moment and it’s hard to know whether they pay attention. These people don’t seem to be aware that cars can be slowed down gradually by applying smoother braking actions. Because these types of drivers are also fast, it may not be possible to safely pass them. It’s better pull over and let a few cars pass to give us a good margin between us and these drivers.
  7. Telepaths: These drivers may be telepaths and send astral messages to other drivers about their directions and refuse to use signals. Unfortunately, we are not telepaths and it can be risky to stay behind these drivers. If possible we should pass them if they are slow drivers.