Valid Reasons Behind Why You Should Practice Meditation


Even though the academic research and results of mindful meditation is not as strong as exercise or nutrition, there’s definitely a reason why it has been here for thousands of years and will also stay here in the near future. With the increase in health problems and work stress in our country, there is a pressing need for meditation. We are gradually starting to get a better idea of why it is considered as beneficial for different aspects of life, from sleep to pain management, from disease to controlling of emotions. There are many newbies who have come to know about the benefits of meditation and they are desperately looking for free guided meditation lessons. If you too are following the same herd, here are some benefits that you need to take into account.

  1. It literally lowers stress: Research which was published last month in the journal Health Psychology showed that mindfulness isn’t only associated with reduction in the feeling of stress and it is also directly related to decreased level of the stress hormone known as cortisol.
  2. It allows us to know ourselves: Mindfulness can help one analyze oneself in the correct light when the need arises. According to a study in the journal called Psychological Science, it tells us how mindfulness can help us conquer different blind spots which can easily diminish or amplify our flaws beyond the reality. You can know yourself in a better way.
  3. It can help you with better grades: Researchers from the University of California found out that the students who were trained in mindfulness performed much better on the reasoning section of the GRE and they also experienced better improvements of their working memory. Cultivating mindfulness is an efficient technique for improving cognitive function with long-reaching results.
  4. It can help fight stress among arthritis patients: According to a 2011 study in the Annals of Rheumatic Disease, mindfulness meditation might not reduce the pain of arthritis but it could definitely lower the fatigue and stress which is associated with rheumatoid arthritis.
  5. It changes the brain in a protective manner: The researchers of Oregon University found out that integrative body-mind training is a technique of meditation and this can result in changes within the brain and can also guard you against mental illness. This increased signal connections in the brain which is known as axonal density and also increased the protective tissue at the posterior brain region.
  6. It helps us even when we aren’t practicing it: You actually don’t need to keep meditating in order to sense the various benefits. Even when you’re not practicing it, you will understand the region of the brain which is playing a role in making you feel better. You can understand the effects even when you’re not meditating.

Hence, if you’re suffering from some prolonged disease like arthritis or you’re mowed down by extreme work pressure, you may take some meditation lessons from the experts and professionals.