Utilizing A Siteground Coupon As Part Of Your Managed Hosting

Managed Web Hosting is a relatively new trend in the industry. Although dedicated servers are already handy, it can sometimes be hard to operate. Thus, the demand for extra services like monitoring and reporting, managed load balancing, managed storage, and managed security has risen. These additional services fall under the category of “managed hosting”.

Does your Company need it?

Before thinking about acquiring managed hosting services, you need to first decided whether you need a dedicated server or not. If you have a high-traffic website, you surely have to integrate a dedicated server. However, if you run just a small website with minimal number of visitors, a shared hosting setup will do. Dedicated servers can be pricier and harder to run than that of the shared hosting. However, if your company really needs a more stable service, dedicated servers must be considered.

The thing with dedicated web hosting is the intricacy that it tags along. There’s a great deal of server administration that you need to take care of. Technical skills may also be necessary in most cases. Thus, if you have no other choice but to resort to dedicated servers yet you don’t have the luxury of time to manage everything by yourself, this is where a managed hosting service is called for. If you hire a managed hosting service, you no longer have to think about the firewalls, security, monitoring, reporting, data backup, etc. Your chosen service provider will just be the one to take care of all that for you.

What should I look for in a Managed Hosting provider?

When picking the managed hosting provider, consider the following qualities:

Reliable and Fast Support

Fast support is important, especially in the web hosting sector. For you to check a prospect company’s response rate, send them an email before signing up. If you receive a fast and welcoming response from them, that’s a good sign they quickly attend to their customers’ needs.


Web owners, who require managed web hosting, need as much freedom as they can. Choose a provider with a broad range of services. It’s best if you can see a provider that offers custom packages, so you can get only what you need. Flexibility in terms of payment is also important. It’s best if you choose a company that also offers monthly subscription—on top of the annual option.

Fast and Reliable Connection

Ask for your prospect providers’ network and connectivity details. You may also just find this on their site. It’s also best if their NOC or Network Operations Center is based in the US to ensure that the connection is stable and reliable.


You really need to do your homework for you to grab the best deals. Different web hosting companies have various managed hosting services at different prices. Lay down your prospects and study the offerings of each. Do not only look at the price but be keener on the value and content of the package.

To smoothen the day-to-day operations of your business, there really is a need to choose the right service providers. And that does not exclude your managed hosting partner. If you’re on a tight budget, you can grab a siteground coupon to get better deals. However, never forget to mind the quality above all else.