Use An Electric Shaver and Save 91 Hours This Year

Nearly two months ago, I bought a pricey electric shaver and its performance has impressed me a lot. It is not only delivering a smooth shave, but also is very quiet and keeps running for seven days if it is fully charged. You only need to wait for twenty minutes if you want to have a full charge. Most importantly, it is saving me 15 minutes per day. It is only because I was lucky enough to buy the best electric razor for men. If I can shave at any time and from anywhere without concentrating too much on it, I can literally multi-task.

Electric Shavers Taking Over the Manual Razors

As opposed to standing in front of a mirror while shaving and messing around with razors whose sharpness and efficiency often vary, I can handle this task easily with an electric shaver while opening my email. Moreover, shaving more than once a day becomes more practical and much easier with the shaver. The feeling of being able to remove the five o’clock shadow prior to having a meal or refreshing myself is quite good.

15 Minutes per Day

I do not have to worry about nicks and cuts anymore. Nowadays, I also do not feel the necessity of worrying about running short of blades and soap. According to my own calculations, I will be able to save up to 91 hours if I do not use razors this year. And I can accomplish a lot of things with this time, trust me! You can also ask yourself a simple but straightforward question; how much is a simple 15 minute extra per day worth to your life?

How Much the ‘15 Minutes’ Worth to You?

This is a question that you have to ask yourself in order to help you deduce how beneficial the idea of using an electric shaver may be. It is an important question that every person who has prospects of using an electric shaver in the near future must ask themselves. For a busy person whose free time is almost a luxury, the 15 minutes are obviously enough to execute a number of other important tasks. In general, you can actually increase the chances of succeeding in life if you take this seemingly simple but important piece of advice.

3 Days and 17 Hours! That’s So Cool!

After a critical calculation of the total number of hours that you will save if you perpetually save 15 minutes on a daily basis, the final value is 3 days and 17 hours. This is the total number of days and hours that you will be able to save if you follow this simple piece of advice. Notable authors, such as Dr Gary, have produced dozens of books where they have highlighted the importance of channelling time to important avenues of life and how success becomes certain once this principle is implemented.

And finally, I want to tell you something about the electric razor I bought. It is from the famous German brand Braun. And my personal choice was Braun Series 7 790cc. ok, I am not telling you to believe only in my words. Just go online search for “Braun Series 7 790cc review” and you will see that first 2 pages of Google is filled with this electric shaver review. Go through those and you will come to know how this shaver has amazed so many people with its performance.