Upcoming 3 Most Waited Action Movies In H2-2015

Upcoming 3 Most Waited Action Movies In H2-2015

In this 2015 we are gifted with full of action with plenty of action movie releases around the world. We have seen already best adventure and action filled movies in recent first half of 2015, still yet there are many movies are going to release in the second half of the 2015. There movies are already given hint for us how they are going to be entertaining us with their kind of action packs. In this Christmas timing, we are going to experience some more powerful action picture with leading actors and actress. These movies already creating enthusiasm and excitements in audiences with their teasers and trailer hints. So now let’s check the films that are going to be released in the next half of this 2015.

Fantastic Four

We have already a two prequels of this movie, the second part becomes little disappointed. Now the film comes a new past story which will introduce a new face of fantastic four teams. The trailer revealed those four new actors in the film. The story of the film based on trailer goes like this the four young teens who are individual, distinct characteristic people are united to do a task which leads them into a chaos. They go into a dangerous place another dimensional place where are affected by the extreme waves which changes their physical forms into some powerful begins for permanent. They use their powers to save the earth from some kind of troubles.


It is yet another fictional story in which a hero who is smaller in size like an insect, which was created by a government agency to use as a secret weapon. This secret weapon is selectively given to the hero to learn the skills and to solve some kind of issues, because he is different from the others. The trailer reveals the Ant man’s creation and suit details and action part he will do in the movie. Seriously, a person in a smaller suit saving and solving issues??? Wait, watch the film. Yet the name and details are creating enthusiasm in the audiences.

MI Rogue Nation

It is one of most awaited film from MI series and action hero Tom Cruise. We have already witnessed the stunning and tense created scenes and action part from MI: Ghost protocol movie, which is prequel to this one. The trailer almost promises a great peace action part. As the trailer revealed details the main story goes as the internationally most skilled persons are trying to dissolve the IMF syndicates. Then what will the Ethan will do to obstruct them??? Wait and watch out for the release of the film

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