UAE At Maximum Speed: 4 Sights For Car Fans

When visiting Dubai, you probably expect a very interesting trip, where every day will be exciting, and every minute entertaining. But what if all sights are visited, all the desired purchases are already made, and you don’t know any attractive spots of the UAE to go?

Well, then we offer to enjoy some new experiences for those travelers who love cars and everything that is associated with them.

Desert Safari

The first thing you should try in the UAE is a desert safari. Entertainment is quite extreme, so if you travel with kids, it would be better to leave them with a nanny.

Dubai Safari is one of the forms of extreme tourism, which offers the amazing trips to the Arabian Desert by car. The car is usually Toyota Land Cruiser. Driving through the sandy mountains is a real adventure, even if you are a passenger. Experienced Arabian drivers show real miracles, occasionally directing the car to difficult places where it seems impossible to pass. This process is like a roller coaster in the desert! The inconstancy of the Arabian Desert makes every trip an unforgettable experience. Moreover, the shape of the dunes can change every night.

As usual, the morning starts with breakfast, and your breakfast should be easy. Otherwise, there is a risk to leave it in the desert. During the safari you get fantastic impressions! The height of some dunes is not less than 50 meters. From such heights you can also enjoy magnificent desert landscapes. On the way, there are stops to give tourists the opportunity to take photos, and cool down the engines of jeeps.

Garage-museum of Sheikh Hamad

Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan owns one of the world’s largest collections of cars, which has about 200 vehicles. At the moment, the estimated value of the entire garage is over $180 million.

The collection includes a large number of cars for off-road driving, the most usual classic cars, as well as absolutely amazing specimens. For example, a four-story mobile house in the form of a globe – this unique building is the embodiment of the sheikh’s childhood dream, in which he wanted to build a house on wheels for traveling through the desert. The diameter of the globe reaches twenty meters and has four bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Another highlight of this car museum is a monster machine with the weight of 50 tons. Dodge Power Wagon is a car from the fifties that exceeds the original car size by 64 times. Of course, colored Mercedes cars are also very impressive. There are 7 vehicles of 7 colors – one color of the rainbow for each day of the week.

In addition, the museum features quite a few rare cars. Among them you’ll find Lamborghini LM002, Big Foot W116, Wide Body C126 and military vehicles.

Yas Marina Circuit

Built in 2009, Yas Marina is the most exciting sports and entertainment spot in the UAE. The complex is home to the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. In addition to the venue for professional and amateur motor sport events including drag racing and night drift racing, Yas Marina has a lot of other interesting things.

However, we are primarily interested in cars and everything that’s associated with them. Therefore, we are going to the track of Formula 1. Yas Marina Circuit offers different experiences: ‘Lessons of racing’, ‘Private driving lessons’, ‘Driving’, and ‘Passenger’.

At your disposal not only the real race track, but also the place behind the wheel of the car Formula Yas 3000 with 3.0-liter V6 engine developed by the famous company Cosworth, specializing in engines for sports cars.

Also, you can choose Aston Martin GT4 racing car with a V-shaped 8-cylinder engine of 4.7 liters or Chevrolet Camaro SS (400-hps 8-cylinder V-engine with the volume of 6.2 liters).

Ferrari World Park

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a must-visit spot for the fans of speed and thrills of all ages. This is the world’s first Ferrari theme park. It provides more than 20 rides and attractions, where you can have fun or learn something new, enjoy interactive shopping and real Italian cuisine – all these things introduce visitors the whole world of Ferrari in an engaging manner.

Under the famous huge red roof of this amusement park there are many entertainments, among them the new roller coaster Flying Aces with the highest loop, and Formula Rossa – the world’s fastest roller coaster, where the speed reaches over 250 km/h in 4.7 seconds, as well as attractions for the whole family – modern racing simulators and electro-karting! By the way, there are always comfortable conditions thanks to the climate control system.

UAE is a real dream of those who like cars, and the above-mentioned sighs prove this fact. So, if you’re also a fan of vehicles, check out these spots anyway. Of course, use Abu Dhabi car rental, because most of these places of interest are situated outside of the city.