Types Of Hand Pliers With Different Shapes

Types Of Hand Pliers With Different Shapes

The mechanical world has a number of tools and devices used to carry out various jobs. Some of them are self-explanatory while some are of a typical nature and hence while going for any of them one has to check various factors of the task. You can take the hand pliers as an example as there are many jobs in the industries where one needs to use quality hand pliers and carry out the required task easily. The hand pliers are made in various shapes and sizes which can be used for multiple purposes. Likewise, some of them are used for handling anything round, for example, a rod. Some are also used for the twisting of wires and others are made for executing a variety of tasks including cutting wires. You should use the correct shaped and sized plier for a specific purpose or job. There are numerous pliers’ exporters who export different types of pliers for different purposes.

Types of Pliers:

  1. Long Nose Pliers – This type of plier is used to grip small objects, helps in holding wires, attach wires and also for bending loops.
  2. Side Cutting Pliers – This type of plier is used for many applications like construction work or electrical communications. It is used to splice or cut wires.
  3. Utility Pliers – This type of plier is used to grip round square, and it can apply a limited twisting force which does not damage the work.
  4. Diagonal Cutting Pliers – This tool, given by pliers exporters, is used to cut and remove nails, pins and many other fasteners.
  5. End Cut Pliers – A kind of plier used to cut wires and nails.
  6. Slip Joint Pliers – This plier is used for the adjustment of nuts and bolts.
  7. Flat Nose Pliers – It is one of the popular pliers employed in numerous applications and assembly work.

Safety tips while working with a plier

  • Cover your face and eyes with glasses or a face shield whenever there is a potential hazard.
  • Make use of tools only if they are in good condition.
  • Edges should be sharp because if it is not sharp, it will acquire more force and power.
  • Pliers should be oiled at regular intervals because it will help you easy to use that tool.

Things you should avoid doing while using a plier

  • You should not cut hard wire unless the correct plier is available for the use.
  • Never expose the wire cutters or pliers to excessive heat.
  • A plier cannot be used as a hammer.
  • For nuts and bolts use a wrench, not a plier.

The invention of pliers took place in ancient times. You cannot accomplish the task without the use of right-hand pliers India. The design has a little bit changed since its origin. The pliers are fitted with metal handles to hold them with hand with a better grip. These pliers are also used to bend and compress a host of materials, efficiently.