Top Attractive Cities In Nepal- Must Visit

Top Attractive Cities In Nepal- Must Visit

Nestled amidst the Himalayas, Nepal is a country of spellbinding natural beauty and heart warming hospitality. While your mornings are serene with Buddhist chants, evenings are happening with lip smacking snacks and folk song and dances. Spend some peaceful moments at the laps of nature at Nepal.

Kathmandu- The City of Gems

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is the heart of Nepalese culture. Durbar Square is the prime attraction of Kathmandu. It is home to 12th century shrines, out of which the Pashupatinath Temple is the most famous.

Every morning you can see numerous people gather round the Boudhnath Stupa to offer their prayers on their way to school or office, while the Buddhist monks perform their daily rituals. It is the largest temple in Nepal with a diameter of 120 metres. Draped with colourful prayer flags and containing large prayer wheels, you can spend hours just basking in the tranquillity of the shrine.

The Royal Palace is also located here; it is a museum now treasuring royal belongings, armours and artefacts. The Kasthamandap of the city is an architectural amazement, bring carved out of a single piece of wood. This three storied temple is one of the largest pagodas of the country.

Pokhara- The City of Beauty

Get close to nature at Pokhara. While the enchanting lakes and the snow capped mountains keep you awestruck, the trekking and river rafting facilities make it a paradise for adventure lovers.

Cruise on the Phewa Tal Lake of the city to witness a mesmerizing sunset or relax at the banks of Begnas and Rupa Lake fishing.

You can check out the unique deity of Ajima at Barahi temple or get a panoramic view of the Annapurna mountain range from the World Peace Pagoda. Get refreshed with the splashes of cool water of the Devi’s Fall, the Seti Gandaki is the lifeline of the city, playing hide and seek with the tourists. The Gupteshwar Gupha is a Hindu pilgrimage with phallic symbol of Lord Shiva while the colourful fairs of Bindyabhasini temple throws light on the simple joy of living of the locals.

Patan- The City of the Royals

One of the three royal cities of the country, Patan is the cultural hotbed of Nepal. The city is distinguished with its four Ashoka Stupas at four corners of the city; all four symbolising the Dharma Chakra. Patan also has its Durbar Square which showcases the typical Nepalese lifestyle. It is an exhibition of ancient temples, colourful stupas, stone baths and exquisite bronze statues. The royal city is home to the royal residence of the Malla kings. Krishna Mandur, lying within the palace complex is a renowned temple due to its 22 spires and bas relief art, which depicts scenes from the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The royal bath of the palace is an epitome of royal opulence with its spectacular stone and bronze carvings. Patan is also the site of the Golden temple, which is adorned with a golden facade, a clock tower and large lion sculptures. The culture and beliefs of Nepal is also exhibited at the temple of the lord of rain, the Rato.

Biratnagar- The City of the Adventurous

Biratnagar, the second largest city of Nepal is a happening city. While the hot momos dipped in homemade sauce makes your day, the vibrant markets of the city is a shopper’s paradise, with its soft and warm woollen clothes, traditional dresses and handicrafts. The Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve of Nepal is located near this city. This protected terai is the safe shelter for the endangered species of wild water buffaloes, gharials, mugger crocodiles and golden jackals. While the dolphins play with joy at its waters, the 485 bird species, like eagles, owls, gull billed terns, francolin and rufous-vented prinias break the silence of the forests. Walk under the shadows of tinjure, milke and jaljale or celebrate life with the festivals of Dasain and Tihar at Biratnagar.

 Birgunj- The City of Ethnicity

With its diverse population of Nepali, Maithali, Newari, Bhojpuri, Awadhi, Urdu and Hindi speaking people, Birgunj is a small world in itself. Hence here you find Buddhist stupas, like the Buddha Chaitya to Hindu temples like the Shanker Acharya Gate, from the temple of Goddess Durga, Gahawa Maysan Mandir to the Bal Mandir, built as a replica of a Buddhist Stupa. It is a colourful city with ample scope of trekking, mountain biking, angling and casinos.

Hence visit Nepal this vacation to challenge some of the toughest Himalayan ranges, rejuvenate naturally and travel back in the pages of royal Nepal.