Top Advantages And Disadvantages Described For Weight Loss Pills: What’s Your Choice?

Top Advantages And Disadvantages Described For Weight Loss Pills: What's Your Choice?

As the obesity is increasingly taking over the globe, the pharmaceutical companies have been researching drugs, which can aid in weight loss. We can maintain healthy weight by regular exercise and slight dietary changes. However, drugs can accelerate weight loss in obese patients who suffer from heart diseases due to weight.

The FDA has issued warnings against the medications available on the counter for weight loss, which do not go through rigorous monitoring process. These drugs can accelerate the weight loss in patients but at a cost.


The weight loss pills can have drastic impact upon your health. The weight does not only affect the outlook and confidence of the individual. It can also create heart diseases, cholesterol, and blood sugar diseases inside our bodies. A healthy maintenance of weight can improve our overall personality.

1- Weight Loss

Weight loss pills can accelerate the weight loss process. It aids in reducing the appetite and increasing the metabolism in the patients. When the patient takes fibers and proteins, they also add calories, which increase the weight in patients.

Diet Pills can suppress appetite and keep a check on your cravings at midnight. Caffeine may also effect in reducing the appetite. Some of the drugs have been proven to cater to the hunger and increase metabolism in the obese patients.

Regular consumption of weight loss pills for three months can help patients lose 5 % of their weight. It should be accompanied with regular exercise and healthy eating habits.

2- Appetite Suppression

Weight Loss pills can accelerate the metabolism in the patients and control the appetite. The major cause of weight gain is midnight cravings, which make the obese patients, eat in imbalance. The drugs can cater directly to the elements in the brain, which deal with hunger and appetite. The medicines can aid in weight loss by suppressing appetite largely.

3- Diuretic Effect

Some of the patients suffering from obese are only carrying around excess water inside their bodies. Diet Pills may aid in flushing the water out from the body, which makes the stomach look bloated in the patients. This process of flushing the water from the body is called Diuretic Effect.

4-Decreased Lipogenesis

Many companies focus on promoting drugs that can aid fat burning. However, weight loss pills can also aid in controlling the development of new fat. This process is called Lipogenesis.  Betaine is a kind of drug, which can help in decreasing the Lipogenesis. It works on the gene functioning and accelerates the weight loss.

5-Increased Resting Energy Expenditure

Many supplements can accelerate the energy expenditure during exercise. It means the drug can increase the consumption of calories when the patients are performing physical activities. A few weight loss pills can burn your calories while you are resting and sleeping. These drugs can burn the fat from the body even when resting.

A simple multi vitamin intake and minerals can also increase the resting energy expenditure in the patients.


The weight loss pills can transform the life of patients suffering from obesity largely. However, the use of drugs and medications can also influence the health in future. The side effects of the drugs can be severe and devastating for some patients.

It is good to learn that weight loss can be easy as taking a pill by mouth. It can cause severe damage to our bodies in return for the lost weight.

1- Lack of Safety Regulation

The Food and Drug Administration does not closely monitor all the medications available over the counter for weight loss. The dietary supplements and weight loss medications do not go through rigorous monitoring by FDA. It is often a trial and error way of testing chemicals on the patients. The FDA can issue ban or recall the medications if patients face severe damage due to the consumption of drugs.

2- Stroke

The majority of the weight loss pills available on the counter can cause severity to the patients. The drugs can cause heart disease, stroke, diabetes and heart attack. The FDA issued warning against 60 such weight loss medications in 2009, which have damaging effects on the individual.

3- Heart Problems and Depression

The drugs can cater to the elements in mind, which can accelerate the metabolism rate in patients. These kinds of drugs curb the hunger and control the appetite. One of the harshest side effects of the weight loss pills is heart problems and suicidal thoughts. A majority of the weight loss medications can cause suicidal thoughts in the patients. Depression is the worst syndrome of weight loss in the patients.

4- Liver Problems

Orlistat is a kind of drug used for weight loss, which can hamper the liver functioning. The brand, which uses Orlistat, is the Xenical and Alli, which are available over the counter. The FDA has warned the patients against such medications. There is a rare occurrence of liver failure in the patients consuming liver problems.

These medicines can cause liver failure. The symptoms of the liver malfunctioning are yellow eyes, itching, dark urine, loss of appetite, hard stool etc.

5- Cost

Diet Pills can be expensive. It could mean that you are spending hundreds of dollars for losing weight and gaining a few more diseases such as heart failure, depression, and liver failure. It is advisable that the patients suffering from obesity should be losing weight naturally rather than spending a lot of money of the weight loss pills, which can adversely affect the health in long term.

We have started believing that Dieting is not enough and exercise is not working for us. Our generation is becoming excessively addicted to medications and pills for everything under the sun. The obesity is a harmful disease, which can bring along many other diseases. However, it can be cured by healthy alternatives by adopting a lifestyle change.

Weight Loss Pills undoubtedly help the patients get rid of the problems of the obesity but at a greater cost than just economical.

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