Top 7 Foundation Repair Contractors near Me

Top 7 Foundation Repair Contractors near Me

The foundation problems manifest in the form of cracks on the walls and ceiling, Damp stains on floors or walls, sticking doors and windows, sagging of floors, etc. When faced with foundation problems it is better to consult Foundation Expert Little Rock to determine the type of defect and measures to be taken to rectify it. Water be it rainwater, a leakage in the water pipeline or your sprinkler can cause significant damage to your foundation if left unchecked.

Sometimes Mother Nature can also create a lot of problems to your foundation. Proper care and precaution can help you overcome the challenges. However, there are few things you can do to prevent the foundation damage.

Gradient – Always provide a good gradient around the building to facilitate proper flow of water away from your foundation. A gradient of 6 inches within 10 feet from the building should be enough.

Drainage – You must ensure that water does not seep into the foundation during rains. Downspouts must be designed to send water away from the building.

Trees – It is advised to plant big shrubs and trees away from the building. Not only will the moisture affect your foundation, also the roots of the tree which grow deep can cause an upward thrust to your foundation which is also called heaving. In case of such a possibility, you must call for the Foundation Expert Little Rock before it is late.

The foundation repairs can be conducted in the following ways

Concrete piers – Concrete is poured into the holes in the ground in the form of columns to support the foundation.

Concrete Pilings – These are performed concrete columns that are placed under the foundation to support it, unlike piers that are poured into the hole.

Steel Pilings – Steel pilings can be used in place of concrete pilings. They last longer but are more expensive. Also, they cannot be used in all places where concrete pilings can be used.

Chemical Injection – Chemicals are injected into the soil around the foundation to prevent absorption of moisture. The chemicals used are water-soluble ammonium salts and potassium ions.

Root Barriers – When big trees are close to the house the possibility of damage to the foundation increases. To avoid this, root barriers made of concrete or corrugated plastic are installed into the ground to stop the root from moving towards the foundation. While watering these trees care should be taken to water only on the side away from the building so that roots start growing in that direction away from your foundation.


Finally, the list of 7 Foundation Expert Little Rock is appended below for your reference.
Banks Property Management, LLC -Ethical, professional contractor.

Planit Dirt Excavation and Concrete, Inc.- Expertise in various types of foundation repair work
Rock Structure Repair- Experts in drainage systems and foundation repair.

Capital Home Improvement, LLC – a locally owned company with an experience in the field for 17 years.

Southern Structural Solutions They don’t just repair, they provide solutions.
Foundation Pro – quality service, skill, and professionalism with state-of-the-art equipment
Ram Jack Of Oklahoma, Inc. – innovate and has played an integral part in the construction of the largest solar field ever constructed.