Top 6 Cities To See Before You’re 30

The Ultimate Travel Bucket List - 6 Cities To See Before You're 30

Have you put together your travel bucket list yet? What cities are you desperate to see before you hit 30? Or 40? Alternatively even before you turn 80? There have been many surveys conducted by travel magazines over the years, aiming to find out the top cities people would want to visit. We’ve taken the answers from some of the most recent and combined them with our own favourites to create the ultimate travel bucket list.


This capital city has more culture than you can shake a stick at, mainly with thanks to the Berlin Wall, which receives millions of visitors a year. Berlin has only been the capital of Germany since 1990, but you can see why the government decided to make it so. It’s a fairytale city that is made up of beautiful buildings, awesome attractions and finished off with a huge dollop of German culture.