Top 12 Attractions In New York City That You Should Visit

Top 12 Attractions In New York City That You Should Visit

New York City. The Big Apple. The City That Never Sleeps.

New York City has many nicknames, and for good reasons. It’s home to an exciting melting pot of cultures and several exhilarating attractions that make it a worthwhile stop in the US.

If you have plans to explore New York City, you should stop by these particular attractions to get the best that the Empire City offers.

1. Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a vital moment in history and is a gift from France to America. It’s a commemoration of the alliance between America and France during the American Revolution. It also signifies the time when America abolished slavery.

Thus, it’s a crucial piece or monument of a specific time in history.

With that said, the view as you’re riding a boat on the way to Liberty Island to see the Statue is gorgeous in itself. However, once you get close, you’ll see how beautiful and worth admiring the Statue is.

Even if you don’t get up close and personal with the Statue of Liberty, it’s enough to be able to see her during a cruise. That’s because you also get to admire the Statue jutting out against the NYC cityscape in the background.

2. Central Park

Central Park is right in central Manhattan and is a New York place that you don’t want to miss. Although it’s a park in name, it’s doing a lot more than that. It’s a park, a zoo, and even a performance hall all in one.

Therefore, there’s always something to do and see when you go there.

If you’re a fan of live performances, there are plenty of shows that happen in Central Park’s theater. Besides the live performances, you can also observe a wide variety of animals in the Central Park Zoo.

With all these activities to try in Central Park, the cherry to top it all off is that you don’t have to pay anything. However, the other amenities, like the zoo, will have fees. But if you want a quiet day walking around the park, you don’t have to pay the entrance fee because there’s none.

3. Niagara Falls

Another sight to behold when you are in the Big Apple is Niagara Falls.

Its majestic and awe-inspiring presence will surely be memorable to you. Therefore, you want to make a pit stop by Niagara Falls.

You can even go to the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens & Butterfly Conservatory when you’re there.

To get to Niagara Falls’ base, you should go on a boat tour to get up close and personal with it. You’ll be wearing a cloak while you’re there.

Niagara Falls is a source of hydroelectric power, and it is one of the reasons it’s such an essential sight in New York and America as a whole.

4. Adirondacks

Another natural wonder that you can enjoy in New York is the six-million-acre Adirondacks Mountains.

If you’re a nature-lover, the Adirondacks offers outdoor activities from kayaking to hiking, just bring your own rain jacket in case of bad weather. For people who have a passion for history, you can stop by the Lake Placid Olympic Museum as well as the Fort Ticonderoga there.

As for the wildlife, you might want to keep an ear and an eye out for the Adirondacks’ unofficial bird, which is the Loon.

5. Tiffany’s

Suppose you’ve ever seen the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s starring the famous Audrey Hepburn. In that case, you probably know of the iconic Tiffany & Co. that has been at the corner of Fifth Avenue 57th Street in Manhattan for around 80 years now.

Even if you don’t want to peruse jewelry pieces, there are other things to do there.

For example, there is now the Blue Box Cafe that sports the iconic shade of blue of Tiffany’s, where you can have all-day breakfast. It would certainly spice up your photos when you find yourself in the Blue Box Cafe, so take lots of them.

6. 9/11 Memorial & Museum

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum invites people to learn about and educate themselves on the happenings of the September 11 attacks. It’s also a way to remember and honor the 1993 World Trade Center bombing heroes and victims.

Here you can read about specific reports, facts, and other anecdotes about these happenings in detail.

7. Empire State Building

Architecture lovers would be remiss if they didn’t take the time to admire the Art Deco icon, which is the Empire State Building. The New York cityscape would be amiss without its presence.

It would be best if you got in line for the observation deck because you can enjoy the cityscape of New York City there like no other.

8. Broadway

Lovers of the arts would feel alive and welcome in the Theater District, where there are about 40 and more Broadway theaters to behold.

The musical and live theater experience here is the best. It’s alive and buzzing, and even if you’re not a Broadway buff, the shows from professional artists will surely inspire you there.

9. Brooklyn Bridge

If you want an easy adventure to do in New York City, you can stop by and walk the Brooklyn Bridge. It offers a fantastic view of the city by starting your walk-off in Brooklyn headed towards Manhattan.

It’s a simple activity, but it’s a great way to slow down and enjoy the hustle and bustle going on around you.

10. Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is another place in New York City with an Art Deco theme. This place is an entertainment hub and a shopping complex and is home to many media companies.

The observation decks let you admire the cityscape “at the Top of the Rock,” so to speak.

11. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Religious people and architecture enthusiasts will find the St. Patrick’s Cathedral worthy of admiration.

It’s the largest Gothic Roman Catholic Church in the US. The stained glass all around the cathedral is one of the many focal points in the cathedral you should look out for.

12. Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the most world-renowned art museums, which is why you should consider visiting it. It’s home to many art pieces, and art lovers will indeed have a field day when they step foot inside the Met.


The many unique and exciting spots of New Your City is the reason it has global prominence.

With too many sights to see and places to visit, it can be paralyzing to pick where to go next. Nonetheless, our list should be able to help you kickstart your New Your City tour.