Top 11 Most Venomous Snakes

Most people will likely be scared of snakes because of their notorious reputation. According to statistics, there are around thousands of people that who are being bitten by snake. Thankfully, only a small percentage of the total snake species are venomous. This is the reason that most cases of snake bites are not fatal. As this might be the case, venomous snakes are scattered all over the world. Because of lack of knowledge and information about snakes, most people will have a hard time identifying venomous snakes from those non-venomous snakes. As a result, people will generally assume that all snakes are venomous thus increasing the fear of snakes. This article gathered the top ten most venomous snakes. Though this list was made with great amount of care, it may change as research and other studies are conducted. But for now, here are the top ten most venomous snakes.

11. Death Adder

This snake is native in Australia and New Guinea. Its venom is neurotoxin which means that it targets the nervous system of its victim. A bite will cause paralysis of the body and can potentially cause death within 6 hours when paralysis hits the lungs. Before an antivenin was successfully created, there is a 1 out 2 persons who will die from a death adder’s bite. It has the quickest strike among all snakes with just 0.13 of a second.