Top 10 Weirdest Movies

2. House (1977)

Describing House (or Hausu) properly may be impossible to do. In fact calling this Japanese oddity a film blurs the very idea of what constitutes a normal film. Watching House is quite an experience and it is as if the film-makers were ingesting LSD during the production. The director seemed to randomly decide when a girl-eating piano should appear, followed by floating heads, carnivorous lamps and a weird blood-gushing cat spirit.
People behind this film seemed to lose all concepts of reason, rationality and reason; subjecting poor girl characters to insane scenes of dark comedy, violence and epilepsy inducing colors. When it finally ends, you’ll find yourself slowly gravitate back into reality after being drowned in a “visual” psychotropic hallucinogenic drug. Watching House is definitely a bizarre and remarkable experience.