Top 10 Single Malt Scotches on a Budget

Single malt scotch by name alone is often perceived as a drink reserved for the elite. However, there are many excellent single malts available for around $50.

By definition, single malt scotch is a type of whiskey derived from Scotland, containing malts from a single distillery, and aged for a minimum of three years. While there are literally hundreds of scotches which would fit the given specifications, there are certainly options with proven character and quality which may lead one to believe they are indeed imbibing with the elite.

10. The Famous Grouse Gold Reserve

This 12 year single malt is sweet and toasty. The nose hearkens hints of cinnamon rolls and roasted cashews. The palate introduces raisin-like qualities which assimilate nicely with the pre-existing cinnamon. The finish adds a touch of spice to the mix as sweetened dough with a pinch of pepper lingers.