Top 10 People For Whom Fame Came After Death

For some people, fame comes as they live but for some it comes after their death. Some people live to see their success while others die before seeing any achievement at all. But this is life and it has its share of highs and lows. The following list shows some people who gained fame after their death. Whether they wanted this fame or not is not known, but they ultimately achieved it.

1. Emily Dickinson

An extremely introvert and shy writer, Emily mostly wrote poetry that reflected death and immortality. Although she wrote more than 1800 poems, not many were published before her death. Keeping her writings to her self, Emily never went out to show her creativity to the world. It was only after her death due to a disease that her sister got a collection of her poems published. Today her work is part of the literature and poetry curriculum of the middle school and college.