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Top 10 Myths Related To Losing Weight

3 Mins read

5. Only doing Crunches is Fine

Only doing Crunches is Fine

Those trying to lose the belly fat are under the impression that only doing crunches is the best way to lose fat in that area. Whereas the fact is that instead of just concentrating on crunches, you must concentrate on the overall exercising including cardio workouts and body workouts. Abdominal exercises such as crunches strengthen the muscles but do not aid in losing weight. Therefore, they do not get rid of the body fat but only strengthen the abs.

4. It is okay to Gorge on Fat free Products

It is okay to Gorge on Fat free Products

Snacks or products labeled as fat free are not absolutely fat free or low calorie foods. Therefore, gorging on such products means that taking in extra fat. While they may be labeled as fat free, consuming them in excess means putting in more calories than normal food. Therefore, if the calories taken in through the so called fat free foods are not burnt, they would be stored as fat adding to the weight.

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