Top 10 Most Romantic Places On Earth

Traveling with someone you are new to, or if you have been together for a while, can be tricky. Not every moment will be the most romantic moment of your life. However, there will be many laughs, tears of happiness, and squeals of joy. All these destinations will be sure to delight your partner. Go on a tour of the world, or just one of these spectacular destinations. Here are the top 10 that made our list.

10. Vienna, Austria

Classic dancers rejoice! Vienna made our list for a number of reasons, but the main one is their massive holiday ball. You and your lover can put your best foot forward in your most regal attire and enjoy a night of formal dancing. There is also a huge after party, where things tend to be less refined. However, as a prelude to the dance, you can hike the trails that line the country. Go for tour in the world renowned wine tastings, or enjoy the lavish hotels that come fairly cheap.